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2675Re: [hmgs_south] Re: NEWS RELEASE: Howard Whitehouse wins 2017 HMGS Legion of Honor Award

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  • Bill Hogan
    Apr 21
      Having Howard at the convention is quite an accomplishment for HMGS-South, a remarkable piece of marketing timing and a great precedent for future conventions.   Bill Hogan

      On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 5:18 PM, Peter Panzeri PETERPANZERI@... [hmgs_south] <hmgs_south@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hey Howard?!!*

      Reference brother Bill's* LOH comment?

      Don't worry...
      It's not true what he said about 

      > "Hazing Ceremonies."

      I can attest..

      It definitely won't be "ceremonial" at all... 

      (But Anything else? We're "sworn to secrecy.")



      * BTW, Somebody must have ~REALLY~ been crazy to nominate and sponsor the both of you guys!

      On Apr 20, 2017, at 5:07 PM, ACWBILL@... [hmgs_south] <hmgs_south@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      Congratulations Howard, wait until you hear about the Legion of Honor Hazing Ceremonies.
      I have oft heard the quote - "Thank you Sir, may a have another!"
      In all seriousess, congratulations. Well deserved.
      Bill Moreno
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      From: Peter Panzeri <peterpanzeri@...>
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      Cc: Howard Whitehouse <professorbellbuckle@... >
      Sent: Thu, Apr 20, 2017 4:59 pm
      Subject: NEWS RELEASE: Howard Whitehouse wins 2017 HMGS Legion of Honor Award

      FYI ALL,

      "Guest of Honor" for


      Was recently selected (along with Scott Fisher)
      for induction into the HMGS (National)
      "Legion of Honor"
      to be presented at HISTORICON 2017.

      Howard admits to being originally from Birmingham, ENGLAND, and was quoted as responding:

      "Oh! OH!! My head is all swoll up now!"

      He joins 2 other Legion of Honor Members from HMGS SOUTH: Bill Moreno and Pete Panzeri.

      Howard official Bio for the Award is as Follows:

      .............................. .......


      For anyone who knows him...
      It's u deniable:

      No one in ALL of HMGS
      has ever,
      or will ever
      be anything like


      He is truly among our most accomplished, most talented, and undeniably most unique candidates ever. Howard is a "true gem" of the historical miniatures gaming hobby. His level of quality, entertaining, and prolific writing is nothing short of amazing.

      Howard is well known in every chapter of HMGS as far more than a game master and showman. As an event organizer, he has been a proven "roll up your sleeves" man of action for game days, local conventions, and special events for well over 20 years.

      Just consider this "short list" of Wargame Rules and Books by Howard Whitehouse:

      As an historian, he wrote the best-selling book:
      • Battle in Africa, 1879-1914

      And more:
      • Widow-making War: Life and Death of a British Officer in Zululand (Editor)
      • Outlaws of Sherwood
      • Space 1889 (Story Developer)
      • “Science versus Pluck” (a colonial wars system based on the RPG structure where the GM runs the savage hordes (and the world in general) and the players are competing British officers of the Victorian era, plus war correspondents)
      • "Astounding Tales!" From 1930's Indiana Jones to 1960's James Bond. From this came a Prohibition era set called “Mad Dogs with Guns’’ (in association with Mark Copplestone), which is scheduled for an Osprey release in June 2017.

      He established Pulp Action Library to release various rules done together – , two short and silly games – ‘Caveman’ and ‘Eat Hitler – the Nazi Taste Treat!’ – and ‘Battle-Troll’, a man-to-man game of the Norse Sagas. Overall, Howard counts something over twenty sets of rules written, from two pagers to full books, from prehistoric times to Science fiction – but overwhelmingly historical in basis.

      One of Howard most incomparable and invaluable talents is that of taking MILITARY HISTORY and converting it into his own brand of inconceivably entertaining MILITARY ~HIS STORY~ - TELLING beyond belief!

      Howard has done work of several kinds – writing, terrain building, figure painting – for many companies in the wargames business, including four years as N. American sales director for Foundry in their 'glory years'. He has built scenery for collectors and museums, some of it absurdly large.

      Howard has won GM awards for many games from historical to hysterical... He runs a 20-30 player Astounding Tales! game at HMGS CONS – wildly entertaining. It’s always a riot of improv comedy, bad voice impressions, and occasional song. Howard has featured the Indiana Jones theme, an invented Bond theme (I Expect You to Die”), and a remarkable Barry White impersonation.

      He has served as a mentor to young gamers, running games through libraries and taking on an 11 year old 'intern' as part of a school project.

      Additionally, Howard is well known as a "real world" literary superstar as author of non-hobby titles written for Young Adults, such as
      • Zombie Elementary: The Real Story
      • Bogbrush the Barbarian
      And the 'Mad Misadventures' series of Victorian science fantasy.

      As well, it's important to emphasize that Howard has extensively used his "literary fame and notoriety" to further promote our hobby of historical miniatures gaming.

      Howard's substantial accomplishments and lifetime achievements of over 30 years all show him to be a "break the mold" game designer, an avid event organizer, a published military historian, and award winning game master.

      Without question,
      Is a truly deserving candidate for induction into
      The HMGS Legion of Honor.


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