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Re: Time Running Out to Pre-register!

HI Stephen; Thanks for reminding me! And thanks for posting here. Onmilitarymatters.com is one of my go to sites for almost anything rules and scenario book
Nov 20

Re: Time Running Out to Pre-register!

Hi Marc, I hope all is well with you. I spoke to you briefly at Hurricon about trying to find a copy of Rapid Fire scenarios for the Eastern front. You
Stephen Quintero
Nov 19

Re: 2020 Contract Signed!

Way to go! On Nov 17, 2017 11:30 AM, "marc33594@... [hmgs_south]" wrote:   Good news all.  We just signed the 2020
Nov 17

HMGS-S Convention Dates 2018-2020–>

Many Thanks to the BoD & to the Marc for your due diligence. Entering these dates into my calendar now: HMGS-S Conventions 2018-2020: •RECON’18: 26-29
Peter Panzeri
Nov 17

Re: 2020 Contract Signed!

Well done Marc. That is indeed good news. Sent from my iPhone
Bill Moreno
Nov 17

Re: 2020 Contract Signed!

Excellent admin work. Sent from my iPhone
Bill Hogan
Nov 17

2020 Contract Signed!

Good news all. We just signed the 2020 contract meaning we are good for the next 3 years at the Park Inn. We were able to lock in the terms and keep room
Nov 17

Re: Was there any Advanced Squad Leader at Huricon?

Unfortunately no. We used to have an active group when we were in Tampa but since moving to Orlando area no one has taken up the challenge. If anyone does
Nov 13

Was there any Advanced Squad Leader at Huricon?

or maybe Recon? Im looking around for a nearby convention
Nov 12

Re: ExtraC&C Tricorne blocks

Aaaaand, they're gone.  Thanks Robert Aaaaand, they're gone. Thanks Robert
Kevin Mello
Oct 22

ExtraC&C Tricorne blocks

Hey all, I picked up a copy of Commands & Colors Tricorne at the con, but as I have miniatures, I don't plan on using any of the wood blocks or labels. I
Oct 21

From HMGS - HA Chapter

FYI ALL, This notice in from the President of HMGS Heart of America Chapter (KC, KS, MO Etc.) HHMGS-HA founding President Richard A. Nance Jr died of a massive
Peter Panzeri
Oct 5

Re: Hurricon-2017

Mark, You are welcome my friend. It is a game worth supporting. Awesome terrain, beautifully painted figs, and a great scenario. I'm bumbed that I had to miss
Oct 4

Re: Hurricon-2017

Jeff . I would like to thank you for your support of my game at Historicon and for lining up some of your Buds to help me with the flow of the game .
Oct 3


I'd like to openly thank Ray and the team for another Outstanding con!!! I know I had to leave early but between Yom Kippur and my boys hockey draft at 0930
Oct 2
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