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5Re: [hlfweb] Training session

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  • Rolf Ernst
    Aug 29, 2008

      this web site is much like a blog - you simply log into it and you can write your own articles and place them wherever you wish. The click on 'Content' and 'Article Manager'. There you go. Click on 'New' to the right and write your article. If you want it to appear on the Front Page, click on the 'Front Page' icon (initially it will have a red 'x').

      There are a few more things to it like how to determine where exactly things go and appear and how to create new menu items but that is about the complexity of it. You do not have to learn much. 20-30 minutes and you are ready to rock!


      '...Up through the cracks, up through the broken glass, in the hot red light of the Black and White, Roses grow'

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      Please elaborate on what you have written
      I am afraid I am a little slow understanding. What do you mean by
      "point of failure". Who are the 'writers' ? And lastly would
      you be willing to switch to the google group Waseem would
      like us to use? I may have jumped the gun asking you to create
      this yahoo group. My error.

      It's only a deal if it's where you want to go. Find your travel deal here.

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