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FW: Vegan Society End of Year Report

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  • jwed
    As a valued supporter of The Vegan Society we should like to provide you with a summary of some of our work in 2008 and some of our plans for the future.
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      As a valued supporter of The Vegan Society we should like to provide you
      with a summary of some of our work in 2008 and some of our plans for the

      Targeting Caterers

      Our 2008/2009 theme is improving the quality and availability of vegan food.
      As part of this The Vegan Society is working with many catering groups
      including restaurants, catering colleges and universities. In 2008 Pembroke
      College, Cambridge, registered with The Vegan Society and now carries The
      Vegan Society sunflower logo: this means that vegan staff and students are
      well catered for. They join Glasgow University, which was already carrying
      our trademark.

      Our Vegan Catering for All Challenge was widely publicized to chefs and
      caterers, who were challenged to create a delicious, nutritionally balanced
      vegan menu. Six shortlisted entrants battled it out in our Vegan Catering
      Challenge cook-off final. The winner, Paul Russell of University College
      Birmingham, declared that "Vegan food can be just as exciting and diverse as
      any other cuisine", and followed up his new-found enthusiasm for vegan food
      by inviting our CEO to speak to students at his catering college.

      The Vegan Society attended the Restaurant Show in London and the Hotel and
      Catering Show in Bournemouth, giving out hundreds of vegan catering guides
      to a wide variety of caterers including pubs, hotels, restaurants and
      catering students.

      International Work

      The Plant Based Nutrition booklet was published in German and Spanish and
      has been extremely popular abroad. We gave talks and workshops at the World
      Vegetarian Congress in Dresden and we worked with groups and other vegan
      societies around the world and supported the international campaign of
      solidarity for the Austrian prisoners in 2008.


      Our Education Officer (Rob Jackson) has been busy promoting veganism in
      schools through talks and cookery demonstrations, reaching an estimated 2500
      schoolchildren in 2008. We've spoken at climate-change events, to veggie
      groups and to catering staff. We even got vegan items onto the menu at one
      school! Copies of our Educational CD-Rom continue to be sent to teachers
      and educators free of charge. Rob also ran a training day for school
      speakers. (If you would like to be a school speaker then please contact

      The Vegan Society was represented at education exhibitions at London Olympia
      and the NEC in Birmingham and at the Westminster Forum education seminar,
      demonstrating to teachers and educators that veganism is well and truly here
      to stay. The Vegan Society is keen to work with colleges and universities
      too, especially student societies. (Get in touch if you can help.)

      Vegan Advocacy

      We continue to extend our advocacy work. In 2008 we sent out and gave out
      thousands of copies of our Catering Guide for Hospitals and Care Homes. We
      introduced an award for hospital caterers and have been working with
      meals-on-wheels providers. Our Plant Based Nutrition booklet was posted to
      every doctor's surgery in the country with a covering letter. Our Catering
      for Diversity seminar in Birmingham brought together doctors, pharmacists,
      midwives, dieticians, caterers and care-home managers to discuss the need
      for animal-free food and medicines.

      We also attended the Hospital Caterers' Association conference in Birmingham
      and the Westminster Food and Nutrition forum, taking the opportunity to
      raise the profile of The Vegan Society to government and civil servants. We
      continue to work alongside the Vegan Prisoners' Support Group to help vegans
      in prison.


      The Vegan Society trademark is now used by companies in 26 different
      countries. In 2008 we registered companies in Canada, Greece, Israel, The
      Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Brazil and India.

      The Vegan Society trademark team ran a stand at the Natural and Organic Show
      in London, speaking to companies about our trademark. They also attended
      the Restaurant Show in order to help promote vegan food through our
      trademark sunflower standard for caterers.


      Our PR/Media Officer (Amanda Baker) continues to challenge the media to give
      proper coverage to the vegan message. (Get in touch to find out how you can
      join in.)

      In 2008 Amanda worked on articles published in Lifescape, Telford 24/7
      magazine and The University Caterer magazine. She was also interviewed on
      Gateway FM Community Radio, LBC Radio, BBC Radio Wiltshire, Northampton,
      Tees and Newcastle and on the CBC Radio programme The Current which is
      Canada's equivalent of the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

      New Publications

      New publications in 2008 included a new Why Vegan leaflet, a Vegan Catering
      for All booklet and our Vegan Recipes leaflet, which has now become our most
      popular leaflet. We published the 8th edition of the Animal Free Shopper,
      an indispensable guide to all things vegan. The Animal Free Shopper is also
      online at <http://www.animalfreeshopper.com/> www.animalfreeshopper.com,
      where you can find updates at any time.

      Vegan Pledge

      Our Vegan Society Vegan Pledge was launched at the London Vegan Festival.
      The Vegan Pledge offers new vegans or those curious about veganism the
      opportunity to receive the support of a mentor so that they don't have to go
      it alone. Pledges can last for a week, two weeks or a month. We'll be
      running the pledge all year round and we've already received lots of
      positive feedback from pledgers telling us that the extra support really
      helped them to stick with it. If you are interested in becoming a mentor
      please contact info@....

      World Vegan Month

      Awareness of World Vegan Month continues to grow and began brilliantly in
      2008 with The Vegan Society sponsoring the West Midlands Vegan Festival on
      November 1st. Every year we supply leaflets and posters for World Vegan
      Month stalls and events all around the country.


      The Vegan magazine won the Best Vegan Publication award in the Vegan
      Environmental Awards 2008, which is confirmation that Vegan Society members
      receive an excellent read. Our editor considers all submissions, letters
      and comments. Why not subscribe your non-vegan friends to the magazine as a

      Work with Other Organizations and Government

      The Vegan Society works with government bodies and other vegan societies
      around the world. In 2008 our Chief Executive Officer, Nigel Winter,
      participated in a DEFRA workshop on food security, contributed to the
      Cabinet Office Strategy Unit Consultation on Food Policy, was interviewed by
      the Green Alliance think tank and was interviewed for the Young Green
      Newsletter (the youth newsletter of the Green Party).

      Supporting and working with others

      We continue to fund vegan events both locally and nationally including the
      London, East Midlands, West Midlands and Bristol vegan festivals as well as
      international and local vegan events that might not otherwise get the
      financial support they need.

      Our next theme

      Our theme for the year starting July 2009 and ending July 2010 is Global
      Food Security. We hope to be able to report on plans for this soon.

      Eggheads (Tofuheads?)

      We have been asked if we can assemble a vegan team for the Eggheads quiz on

      In Eggheads, the challenging team competes against general knowledge
      'Goliaths' (past winners of Mastermind, Brain of Britain and other quizzes)
      for a cash prize.

      If you are interested and can answer at least three of the following
      questions (WITHOUT CHEATING) and have a track record of winning pub quizzes,
      please email <mailto:editor@...> media@...:

      1) Identify the author of the poetic extract "The best lack all conviction,
      while the worst are full of passionate intensity."

      2) To which London restaurant did Tony and Cherie Blair take Bill and
      Hillary Clinton in 1997?

      3) Which stage musical featured the songs 'Electricity' and 'Expressing

      4) In mythology the griffin has the head and wings of an eagle and the body
      of which other animal?

      5) Which other planet in the solar system is closest in size to the earth?

      6) Whose horse was called Bucephalus?

      7) What is the name of the world's highest waterfall and in which country is

      Your support is vital!

      It is members such as you who give strength to the vegan movement and who
      help us push forward and make important gains, so please continue to support
      our vital work in order that we can do even more in 2009.

      With best wishes for the New Year from all at The Vegan Society

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