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  • Dr John Wedderburn
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      March 2006
      VS Shop Newsletter

      Welcome to the latest Vegan Society webshop newsletter.

      We’ve got some great new products, news of upcoming demos/rallies, a great initiative concerning the care of vegans in state establishments and a plea to attend our march and rally against live exports in Dover!

      New Product – Seven Wives shampoo/conditioning bar

      These hand-crafted shampoo bars are manufactured using a cold manufacturing process which results in a maturing period of up to ten weeks conserving all the naturally produced glycerine. Combined with pure, natural moisturisers and essential oils, they are detergent and chemical free and manufactured using a pollution free process.

      The Chamomile and Geranium bar is for fair/light hair types, whilst the Rosemary and Tea Tree is for darker hair.

      View online

      New Books : You Don’t Have to be a Treehugger to

      be a Vegan.

      An excellent introduction to veganism for healthy eating. This book reminds me of the “Dummies Guide to…” series, which managed to make learning new things great fun. Treehugger is filled with witticisms, anecdotes, historical quotes, etc, as well as giving healthful reasons for trying a vegan diet. Complete with a trial thirty day program which slowly replaces animal ingredients with vegan foods, it’s a great read and a brilliant way to introduce friends/relatives to a more healthful, less damaging diet.

      View online

      Fabulous Fillings for Baked Potatoes

      It does just what it says in the title – offering some excellent fillings for baked potatoes, ranging from the extremely quick to the more time consuming which turn a baked potato into a main meal. Great if you’re into impressing friends with your creativity with basic ingredients!

      View online


      Our main news this month, is the decision taken by the Vegan Society Council to supply our multivitamin supplement – Veg 1 – at cost price to prisons, hospitals, state institutions, care homes, etc. This is part of our new advocacy campaign, where we are trying to ensure that vegans have the right to their beliefs/lifestyle wherever they may be. We will of course also be offering advice and guidance to such establishments, as we’ve learned from our experiences with the Prison Service that many problems are still being caused by ignorance of the vegan diet and helpful advice can make a huge difference to imprisoned vegans.

      Diary Dates

      Sat 1st April – Vegan food tasting fayre, Liverpool.

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      Sat 22nd April – World Day for Laboratory Animals demo in Oxford. Visit SPEAK Campaigns for details.

      Sat 6th May – March and Rally against Live Exports, Dover. Please mark your diaries now, we need to show the extent of opposition to the renewal of the calve exports. March and rally organised in conjunction with Viva, Animal Aid, Peta and KALE – we’ve joined forces against the renewal of the export of calves to veal crates in Europe as we’re all aware of the horrors which the trade involves. Transport from London is being arranged, if anyone wishes to organise transport from other areas, please get in touch and we’ll co-ordinate and publicise the details.

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      Sat 20th May – Open day, Hugletts Wood Farm, near Dallington, East Sussex. Vegan food, stalls, etc with all proceeds going to build a new barn for the elderly cattle (many of whom were saved from the live export trade). The sanctuary is run by Wenda Shehata, veteran campaigner of the live export campaign and co-author of The Siege of Shoreham : reflections from the front line. For more information contact wendashehata@...

      If you wish to unsubscribe from this newsletter, please click here to email the Society. On behalf of all the sentient beings who can’t express it themselves, thank you for your support and enabling us to help abused beings everywhere.

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