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  • Sheila McClelland
    The Asian Tsunami has already faded from the world s headlines, but the work will obviously continue for a long time to come. IVU has done what it can to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2005
      The Asian Tsunami has already faded from the world's headlines, but
      the work will obviously continue for a long time to come. IVU has
      done what it can to support our member society, Food For Life, in
      their outstanding efforts to provide free vegetarian food for tens
      of thoudands of people. Paul Turner, Director of FFL and a past
      member of the IVU International Council, is currently in Sri Lanka
      to ensure that the generous donations they received are being used
      in the most effective manner.

      IVU works on a very small budget, but we do sometimes give grants
      for well planned projects. However even the best of plans can go
      wrong and a grant of 1,000 UK pounds recently had to be returned
      from a project that didn't go ahead. Rather than simply put it back
      in the bank the International Council agreed to donate this money to
      Food For Life. Just a small token, but along with the money donated
      by vegetarians around the world we can make a little difference to
      those in need. All of IVU's funds come from our members and
      supporters, so if you have paid a subscription we trust that you
      will be in agreement with just a little of your money being used in
      this way.

      For further updates from FFL go to http://www.ffl.org



      - success in Brazil, from Marly Winkler, Congress organiser.

      In due course there will be a full report on the 36th WVC, held in
      Florianopolis, Brazil, in November 2004. Meanwhile just a brief
      summary - we had some 2000 participants: 638 subscriptions, about
      1000 visitors for the 1st Fashion with Compassion Show, some 300
      visitors for the 1st Cruelty-Free Fair and 52 registered
      journalists - from the local and national press. I'm happy to
      announce that we had a positive balance on the accounts. I'd like to
      thank you for the vital contribution of IVU and all of you who
      attended or not giving your inestimable support and contribution.

      - lots of photos and reports at:

      - and on to GOA, INDIA, 2006, from Jashu Shah, Congress organiser:

      The question is several times posed to me that "India being
      vegetarian, is a World Vegetarian Congress there necessary?"

      In 1957 it was for the first time that the IVU came out to India and
      had the Congress. It was necessary at that time because one has to
      open out to the world. Now it has become necessary because the
      world is shrinking and people have become global. There is lot of
      interaction between the people and a whole generation has been
      changed. There is a big slot in the culture by TV and Radio - and
      because of the globalisation more interaction is taking place.

      Traditionally at least 35% of Indians are strict vegetarians;
      another 35% take eggs/fish or chicken once a month or once a week.
      The majority of food contents in India is also vegetarian, there are
      one or two dishes made which are not vegetarian.

      Because of the globalisation the younger generation is sitting on
      the fence. They do not know which way to look, and are turning non-
      vegetarians because of the international contact, and because of the
      onslaught of Venky's chicken and other food joints which are
      starting in India. The people are travelling and the globe is
      shrinking. The younger generation is turning to non-vegetarian.

      The problem in the Western countries is to convince the people to
      become vegetarian. But our problem is otherwise. We have to
      convince the people not to become non-vegetarians. This only can be
      done by organizing Congresses, seminars etc., inviting people from
      the USA, UK, Europe and Far East to talk to the younger generation
      of the Indian people. Why those who are non-vegetarians have turned
      to vegetarianism - and when an outsider speaks it is more
      effective. Although we are traditionally vegetarians, we need to
      convince the people who are turning to non-vegetarians. And when a
      person who is convinced himself speaks, he is capable of convincing
      others. And that is why the Congress is more necessary in India
      than anywhere else.

      India consists of a large community of people with different
      cultures and different aspects. I therefore strongly tell Indians
      that if the people from the Western world who were non-vegetarians
      have become vegetarians, that itself proves that the vegetarian food
      is better than the non-vegetarian food. You should come here to
      convince the people. Even when there is no World Vegetarian
      Congress some people should come here and deliver lectures.

      This is for the time being. Let us work for the Congress. Let us
      pray for the success of the Congress by all getting together and
      telling the people what is good.

      Jashu Shah, Mumbai

      For the for further details about Goa see
      hhtp://www.ivu.org/congress/2006 - more info will be added as it
      becomes available, so bookmark this page!



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      VegetarianWomen.com - www.vegetarianwomen.com

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