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[HJMatMeth] Re: The Once & Future Seminar(s)

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  • Mahlon H. Smith
    Prof. Crossan s replies to yesterday s posts bring this eSeminar to its conclusion. But in many ways it is a conversation just begun. Jeffrey & I would like to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2000
      Prof. Crossan's replies to yesterday's posts bring this eSeminar to its
      conclusion. But in many ways it is a conversation just begun. Jeffrey &
      I would like to extend thanks to all who have given of their time to
      participate in this pioneering cyber-conference. I am confident that I
      speak for all subscribers in expressing our deepest gratitude to Prof.
      Crossan for his thought provoking replies to our questions about
      appropriate methodology & materials in the historical study of Jesus &
      early Christianity.

      Dom, as always, this conversation with you has been a stimulating
      experience. Your gracious devotion of your time to this project is
      further proof of your dedication to public education & confirmation of
      your reputation as an educator's educator.

      I would also like to extend all our thanks & congratulations to Jeffrey
      Gibson, without whose initiative & efficient organizational skills this
      cyber-Seminar would never have taken place. Jeffrey's moderation of this
      Seminar & as well as the XTalk eGroup has advanced the use of the
      internet as a tool for serious scholarship. He already is working on
      plans for further eSeminars & cyber-symposia, about which subscribers to
      the HJ Materials & Methods Seminar will receive notice in the near

      As Jeffrey has already noted, any who wish to continue discussion of
      Prof. Crossan's posts or other issues that they raise are invited to
      post their thoughts on XTalk, the internet's oldest forum for discussion
      of scholarly research on the historical Jesus & Christian research. For
      those who may not be aware of it, XTalk is the reincarnation of Harper's
      Crosstalk e-mail list generated by "Jesus at 2000," the 1996 pioneering
      cyber-symposium on the historical Jesus between Profs. Crossan, Borg &
      Johnson. The e-transcripts of that original conference are archived at
      the XTalk web site, URL:


      The posts from the current Materials & Methods Seminar will be archived
      indefinitely by eGroups, at the following URL:


      Subscribers should bookmark this address for future reference. To
      facilitate following the question & answer threads in this Seminar Prof.
      Crossan is editing a clean e-transcript that will be archived by XTalk &
      easily accessed from the list of resources on the XTalk home page:


      Unless Jeffrey has a final postscript, I declare this Seminar adjourned.





      Mahlon H. Smith, http://religion.rutgers.edu/mh_smith.html
      Associate Professor
      Department of Religion Virtual Religion Index
      Rutgers University http://religion.rutgers.edu/vri/
      New Brunswick NJ

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      A Synoptic Gospels Primer

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