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175[HJMatMeth] Penultimate Words on the Seminar

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    Mar 2, 2000
      The recent posts from Mark Goodacre, Sukie Curtis, Stevan Davies, Jim Crutchfield, Antonio Jerez, Gail Dawson, and Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus that have appeared in your inboxes are the final posts Mahlon and I will be submitting to Professor Crossan and, sadly,  mark the end of HJM/M Subscribers' participation in the Seminar. No more posts to Professor Crossan will be accepted by the moderators of the Seminar or forwarded  to Professor Crossan.

      Correspondence or questions **about** the Seminar should henceforth be directed either to me at my personal e-mail address below or to Mahlon Smith at mahlonh.smith@...

      It is our hope that Seminar Members will continue to discuss the issues that have been raised in the last three weeks on the Seminar. For those of you who do wish to do so, please note that the forum for doing this is the sponsoring body of the Seminar -- the XTalk Discussion List.

      If you are not an XTalk member, but wish to become one, please go to the XTalk Home Page at www.xtalk.org where you will find all instructions necessary for subscribing to the List.


      Jeffrey Gibson
      Jeffrey B. Gibson
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