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156[HJMatMeth] Paul, Dan. 7 and Didache 16:8

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  • Ted Weeden
    Feb 29, 2000
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      Thank you for your response to my last post to you. In that you state,"Despite the fact that Paul does not use Son of Man, but does have Jesus involved with "clouds," might that indicate a use of Jesus and Daniel 7:14 in which Jesus is Lord, rather than Son of Man?"  The question I have is this: Is it possible an allusion to Dan 7:14 is read into Paul via Mark, Matthew, etc., linking Daniel's Son of Man and Jesus?   What if we did not have these post-Pauline writings, would we be as likely to see an allusion to Daniel 7:14 in Paul's I Thess parousia event.  I think if we did not we might have reasoned that Paul's image of the clouds comes from Psalmic references to heaven and the presence of God.  Thus Paul links Jesus the Lord with clouds to symbolize Jesus' divine nature and heavenly medium, a la the Psalmic passages I mentioned in my last post linking clouds with God. 
      In your post you request: "I would ask you to look also at Didache 16:8 where once again we have the Lord and "clouds" in an apocalyptic consummation."
      As I read Didache 16:6-8, I see a lot of Pauline influence: sound of the trumpet, the resurrection of the dead, the coming of the Lord, all the saints with the returning Lord. Only in 16:8, "Then shall the world see the Lord coming on the clouds of heaven with him," is there a departure from the Pauline scenario.  At that point it looks like the Matthean scenario was tied in.  
      Let me express my appreciation again to you for your very helpful and, as always, insightful responses to the seminar questions placed to you.