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154[HJMatMeth] Greek Q and Aramaic Jesus

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  • Brian McCarthy
    Feb 28, 2000

      As we come to the end of this many-sided discussion, a big word of thanks to
      you and to Jeffrey and Mahlon.

      Here is my final question: I have not followed Q studies in detail, the SBL
      Q Seminar, the International Q Project etc. But each time i have come across
      some Q discussion it has always concerned some Greek entity.

      This is fine for gospel experts, who are working back from Greek texts--and
      whose Greek in most cases is probably far better than their Aramaic--but
      how can Questers justify the great unbalance between, on the one hand, the
      major investment of energy in Greek Q and on the other the
      lack--comparative? total?--of attempts to bridge the
      the chasm between Greek Q and Jesus' popular teaching, presumably in Aramaic
      (or Hebrew, or a mix)?

      For example what Aramaic lay behind the tou theou of he basileia
      tou theou? Was it the equivalent i) of El or Elohim or of
      ii) or YHWH (or one of its pious replacements)?
      The questions would then arise of i) the possible implications of
      Jesus' choice of one of these alternatives over the other, and ii)
      of the fact that we probably cannot determine which he chose?

      But this is simply an example and should not distract from the basic
      question of why the lack of efforts to bridge the linguistic gap and
      reconstitute Jesus' own words?

      Brian McCarthy, Madison WI