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[HJMatMeth] Re: The Once & Future Seminar(s)

Prof. Crossan's replies to yesterday's posts bring this eSeminar to its conclusion. But in many ways it is a conversation just begun. Jeffrey & I would like to
Mahlon H. Smith
Mar 4, 2000

[HJMatMeth] Eschatology

This is a second draft of my response to you, Antonio, sent with apologies to replace the former post. What happened was that I had dictated it to Sarah
John Dominic Crossan
Mar 3, 2000

[HJMatMeth] Re: The Cynic Jesus

As it turns out, Gail, I am reading your post after responding to Mark's. May I presume, therefore, what I said to Mark as background for my response to you.
John Dominic Crossan
Mar 3, 2000

[HJMatMeth] Re: The Cynic Jesus

Thank you very much, Mark, for emphasizing what I see as the rather appalling ethics of the recent Jesus Wars. One of the hardest things for me, in such a
John Dominic Crossan
Mar 3, 2000

[HJMatMeth] Re: Eschatology

In debating specifically with Dale Allison, what I have attempted to do, Antonio, is go inside his own arguments for a continuity of apocalyptic expectation
John Dominic Crossan
Mar 3, 2000

[HJMatMeth] Re: Persecuting what?

Let me begin by focusing on Paul and Damascus, Stevan. I am impressed by the fact that Acts and Paul both mention Damascus, but I do not accept as historical
John Dominic Crossan
Mar 3, 2000

[HJMatMeth] Re: passion narratives

I do not think Sukie, that I have very good answers to either of your questions, but I will do the best I can. I think that the arguments for a consecutive and
John Dominic Crossan
Mar 3, 2000

[HJMatMeth] Re: Mission in Jerusalem

Let me begin, Jim, by repeating what I am more secure about: I am not sure that Jesus went up to Jerusalem often, I am not sure that Jesus went up to Jerusalem
John Dominic Crossan
Mar 3, 2000

[HJMatMeth] Re: How much have your views on the parables of Jesus c

I must tell you, Jonathan, that I do not find a significant change, although definite development, in my own understanding in the parables of Jesus from the
John Dominic Crossan
Mar 3, 2000

[HJMatMeth] Penultimate Words on the Seminar

The recent posts from Mark Goodacre, Sukie Curtis, Stevan Davies, Jim Crutchfield, Antonio Jerez, Gail Dawson, and Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus that have appeared
Jeffrey B. Gibson
Mar 2, 2000

[HJMatMeth] Eschatology

Prof. Crossan, After reading your definitions of different kinds of Eschatology in BoC I still felt a bit perplexed. You define Apocalytic eschatology as a
Antonio Jerez
Mar 2, 2000

[HJMatMeth] Persecuting what?

Thank you and Jeff for arranging and carrying through this seminar. I'd like to close by asking you what it was that Paul was persecuting. Paul and Luke, who
stevan davies
Mar 2, 2000

[HJMatMeth] passion narratives

Dear Dominic, 1. In _The Birth of Christianity_, p. 486, you summarize three points made in previous book about the Gospel of Peter roughly as follows: 1) that
Sukie Curtis
Mar 2, 2000

[HJMatMeth] How much have your views on the parables of Jesus chang

Professor Crossan, It seems to me that your current view not only of the historical import, but also of the oral nature of the parables of Jesus has changed
Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus
Mar 2, 2000

[HJMatMeth] Re: The Cynic Jesus

Dear Dominic, I have been thinking about and absorbing the dialogue of these past three weeks. Thanks so much for doing this! You've sparked ideas for
Dawson, Gail
Mar 2, 2000
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