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Free the VIsland 12

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  • benjamin ramos
    The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is calling on all our supporters to read, participate in and forward out this email to all your personal listserves and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2001
      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is calling on all our supporters to read,
      participate in and forward out this email to all your personal listserves
      and e-lists. As Boricuas, we can sympathize with the fight for Independence
      that the 12 Virgin Island Political Prisoners are imprisoned for. together,
      in solidarity we can free the VIslands and Puerto Rico from colonialism!!


      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign
      Bronx 718-601-4751
      Manhattan 212-927-9065
      New Jersey 201-435-3244
      www.ProLibertad.org will be up and running again soon.

      12 prisoners from the Virgin Islands being held at
      Wallens Ridge State Prison in Virginia begin hunger
      strike on November 1, 2001!

      The Virgin Islands (V.I.) had, before the these
      past couple of months, been renting out cells in the
      Untied States for its own overcrowded prison
      This has been going on for decades and the V.I. has
      run up a huge bill with the U.S.
      So the V.I. decided to bring all its prisoners back
      There is a catch: those prisoners the V.I. deemed
      to be too dangerous were sent to the Commonwealth of
      Virginia for further holding.
      On November 1, 2001 12 prisoners at the Wallens
      Ridge State Prison in Big Stone Gap, Virginia began a
      hunger strike in protest of
      �the capricious and unjust transfer of 15 Virgin
      Islands Prisoners to this conservative and bigoted run
      The 12 currently on hunger strike are not aware of
      the whereabouts of 3 of their comrades, who might also
      be on hunger strike with them (if they recieved word
      of it).
      Hanif Bey, a prisoner of war on the strike writes:
      �We would like to hold out for at least 1 month, to
      bring outside attention, and hopefully cause the
      �Contract Agreement� to be dissolved, however, if we
      are not satisfied at the end of the month, with the
      steps taking place to grant us �proper relief�, we
      have the resolve to continue.

      We have all been hand picked to be warehoused in
      this death trap, simply to secure �settler interest�
      in the U.S. Virgin Islands, as they really deem us a
      potentially influential political force, if allowed to
      Hanif is fighting for Virgin Island independance.
      Currently these men are locked in their cells 23
      hours a day, and wear handcuffs and legchains whenever
      they leave their cell.
      The wording of the contract allows the prisoners to
      be held in Virginia indefinantly.
      The contract lasts for a year and if it is not
      terminated in the 11th month it is automatically
      continued for one more year.
      It seems that these prisoners are being kept in
      segregation permanantly.
      The Commonwealth of Virginia rents out its cells at
      differnt rates.
      Segregation costs less than general population.
      These prisoners need our support.
      Share this information, and write a letter to:
      Stan Young, Warden
      P.O. Box 759
      Big Stone Gap, VA
      24219 or call him at:
      (340) 523-3310
      to show your solidarity with this hunger strike.
      Also write to V.I. officials and ask that these
      prisoners be brought home to the V.I.
      Mr. Iver Stridiron,
      Attorney General,
      Virgin Islands Department of Justice,
      St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 00801

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