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FW: What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #412 July 19, 2000

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      Subject: What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #412 July 19, 2000

      Green Left Weekly,
      Issue #412
      July 19, 2000

      Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
      environmental and left perspective.


      Green Left Weekly debunks the six main myths circulated by the big business
      proponents of genetically modified food.


      * GM food -- myth and reality


      * KURDISTAN: PUK attacks Worker Communist Party of Iraq
      * DSP-WCPI call for international protests against sanctions on Iraq
      * ZIMBABWE: ISO MP -- `We hope to influence events'
      * NIGERIA: Hundreds die in pipeline disaster
      * BRITAIN: How Rio Tinto broke the 11th commandment
      * Editorial: Support democracy in Fiji
      * FIJI: `Parachute journalism' aids plotters' propaganda
      * ARGENTINA: Mothers of Plaza de Mayo attacked
      * Spotlight on Indonesia
      * EAST TIMOR: Hostage in West Timor
      * PAKISTAN: Journalists appeal for help
      * HONG KONG: Hot march greets cool election
      * EAST TIMOR: UNTAET to form `cabinet'
      * ECUADOR: Church calls cops on activists
      * CHINA: Human rights deteriorate
      * INDIA: Bihar assembly besieged
      * SOUTH AFRICA: Privatisers gets `Seattled'


      * The spectre of Frantz Fanon
      * Urban guerillas confront injustice
      * Rock Against Racism 2


      * `Free trade' rules rob poor, protect rich
      * A parable of globalisation
      * HISTORICAL FEATURE: The Korean War -- a war of counter-revolution
      * UN report shows poverty grinds on
      * Statistics as lies
      * Statistics as tragedies


      * Market of one
      * Making a living? Having a life?
      * Australia abuses refugees' human rights
      * The myth of the peaceful atom
      * Socialist solutions to the country crisis


      Articles posted are as they were before proofreading, and prior to any
      final changes in the printed version.

      All articles appearing in Green Left Weekly, and reprinted here, are
      copyright by their authors. However, most regular contributors have granted
      permission for their work to be republished by non-profit green, left,
      human rights or generally progressive publications.

      Where such permission has NOT been granted, articles are marked with the
      symbol && in the index above. Before reprinting such an article, or if
      uncertain whether your publication is allowed to reprint, please inquire by
      e-mail at glw@....

      ALL cartoons are copyright and must not be reproduced without permission of
      the artist.

      We like to know what audiences we are reaching, and would therefore
      appreciate being informed of any republication (in print or

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