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  • benjamin ramos
    PLease read and forward out. Forwarded out by the ProLibertad Freedom Campaign ProLibertad@Hotmail.com www.ProLibertad.org ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2001
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      PLease read and forward out. Forwarded out by the ProLibertad Freedom
      Campaign ProLibertad@... www.ProLibertad.org

      >Apartado 1424 Vieques, Puerto 00765
      >Tel. (787) 741-0716 E mail: bieke@...
      >Report from the Peace and Justice Camp
      >31 August, 2001
      >This week end several important activities related to our struggle will
      >take place:
      >Saturday, September 1, a youth delegation of the Asia, Africa, Latin
      >America Solidarity Committee (AALASC) of Tokio, Japan, arrives on Vieques
      >to meet with young people and other representatives of our community in
      >struggle. The Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques (CRDV)
      >has sent delegates to Japan, Okinawa, Korea and the Phillipines during the
      >past several years to share our situation with communities in Asia where US
      >military forces practice and where civilian populations are victims to the
      >contamination and military violence.
      >On two previous ocasions, delegations from the AALASC have visited Vieques
      >to dialogue with the CRDV. This time, the young Japanes participants will
      >converse at the Peace and Justice Camp with people from the community
      >beginning around 11AM. At 7PM on Saturday, the group will help open a
      >special assembly of the Professional and Technical Group in Support of
      >Sustainable Development for Vieques that will take place at the Punta Mulas
      >Lighthouse here. On Sunday, some members of the delegation will assist
      >mass at the Catholic Church. Father Nelson L�pez will preside the mass
      >that will include a declaration from Puerto Rico Independence Party
      >Presidente, Rub�n Berr�os - recently released after four months in federal
      >prison for Peace on Vieques. A visit to the Fort Count Mirasol Museum of
      >Vieques will offer the group a wider vision of Vieques history and the
      >history of the military presence and struggle to end that presence. The
      >visit to Vieques by the CSAAA delegation contributes to the creation of an
      >international network of mutual support for demilitarization, in which
      >Vieques plays a significant role.
      >At 11AM on Saturday, members of the Professional and Technical Team and
      >representatives from community organizations will give to the Vice Mayor of
      >Vieques an executive summary of the Guidelines for Sustainable Development
      >on Vieques prepared by the group together with the community. The
      >guidelines - or suggestions - present, in part, the concerns and hopes of
      >our people about the future use of lands being rescued from the Navy. The
      >guidelines include legal mechanisms and community organizing strategies
      >designed to promote a genuine community participation in the decision
      >making process related to future social-economic development on Vieques.
      >The Professional and Technical Team is our best tool in the struggle to
      >assure that the economic benefits from the development of our lands remain
      >in Vieques and benefit our population - that a Vieques freed from the Navy
      >must be a Vieques for the Viequenses. At 7PM in the Punta Mulas
      >Lighthouse, we will be mmeting in open assembly with Team members to
      >discuss the guidelines and continue the process of creating a proposal,
      >while we continue with the protest!
      >The CRDV works hard on the campaign - EVERYONE ENTERING TOGETHER! - to
      >promote a massive participation by our people in the upcoming civil
      >disobedience actions. In several meetings, dozens of people have gotten
      >involved in the recruiting process. Soon we will hold a people�s assembly
      >in support of D�maso Serrano, our mayor "kidnapped" by the Navy and
      >sentenced to four months in federal prison for his actions in defense of
      >his people. The assembly will also be held to plan for the best tribute we
      >could give D�maso - a massive civil disobedience action against the next
      >military exercises.

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