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  • Djehuti Sundaka
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      > 1. TIM WISE STRIKES AGAIN-corrected copy
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      > Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 11:04:41 -0000
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      > Subject: TIM WISE STRIKES AGAIN-corrected copy
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      > THE DIGITAL DRUM 2 #178, June 29, 2001, TIM WISE STRIKES AGAIN
      > I understand many of the web links did not work on the previous copy
      > of the DRUM so I am resending a functional copy. I apologize for the
      > error.
      > What about white folks who move further and further away from the
      > cities to the suburbs and countryside? Are they trying to imitate
      > LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE or are they really expressing racism?
      > Let Tim Wise help you make that determination as he tells on white
      > people again! http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=11078
      > Using the facts and figures of crime statistics Wise makes the
      > argument that maybe it is Blacks who need to get far away from
      > White! And for those who dispute him, he welcomes hearing from you
      > Whoa! Someone email this article
      > http://www.thenewrepublic.com/061101/driver061101_print.html to
      > Chris Tucker and Chris Rock! Justin Driver accuses both comics of
      > carrying on in the minstrel show tradition, in which he specifically
      > defines and puts into historical perspective. He analyzes each Chris,
      > providing a boatload of compelling evidence, and even finds space to
      > criticize Spike Lee. Quoting the observations of Ralph Ellison,
      > Driver even has some sound advice for the NAACP, and others who
      > threaten protest actions against the entertainment industry.
      > THE (right-wing) WASHINGTON TIMES can take one Black person's actions
      > and transform it into the following headline: 'Black leaders refuse
      > to pledge allegiance to flag'
      > http://www.washtimes.com/national/20010622-5627916.htm My question
      > is, what Black leaders? All because a Black female Tennessee state
      > Representative, Henri Brooks, has become controversial. She was
      > noticed not pledging allegiance to the U.S. flag. She has some
      > support from others like the ACLU, and columnist Julianne Malveaux,
      > who agrees, "With liberty for whom? And what is justice? For whom?"
      > "What the hell would I want to go to a place like Mombasa? I just see
      > myself in a pot of boiling water with all these natives dancing
      > around me," said Toronto (Canada) Mayor Mel Lastman, to a reporter.
      > Lastman was making comments about his trip to Mombasa, Kenya to
      > promote Toronto's bid to host the 2008 Olympics. According to Olympic
      > officials, this may cause the Toronto bid to be more deeply
      > scrutinized, especially among African officials. Not only do I enjoy
      > these heart-felt expressions, but I also enjoy the spin after the
      > controversy. Said another Toronto official trying to clean up
      > Lastman's mess, "Anyone who knows Toronto knows the strength of
      > this city is its multiculturalism and its diversity, and how proudly
      > we wear that."
      > http://www.cnn.com/2001/WORLD/africa/06/21/toronto.africa.ap/index.htm
      > l
      > I like it when people are unapologetic about what they feel, like
      > Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, who, according to Robert B. Reich,
      > Secretary of Labor in the Clinton Administration, referenced a
      > FINANCIAL TIMES interview where O'Neill questioned why government
      > should provide any type of social insurance program such as Social
      > Security, Medicare, etc. Reich's point is that O'Neill's candor is
      > yet another example of the unfeeling, corporate agenda of the Bush
      > Administration and if the Democrats were smart, they would use the
      > issue to mobilize voters, especially elder voters. Judging by the
      > behavior of Democrats in the 2000 Presidential election they have no
      > clue. http://www.commondreams.org/views01/0621-04.htm
      > Cedric Muhammad explains the 'collateral damage' in the recent
      > media event between and about Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al
      > Sharpton. http://www.blackelectorate.com/archives/062101.asp Rev
      > Sharpton cited Rev Jackson's behavior after Martin Luther King Jr.
      > was assassinated.
      > http://www.tbwt.com/content/article.asp?articleid=934
      > Muhammad lays out his criteria for Black leadership-according to
      > White Supremacy, and in such offers a critical analysis of Sharpton.
      > J Tolbert Jr, editor
      > criticalman@...
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