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What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #409 June 21, 2000

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      Subject: What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #409 June 21, 2000

      Green Left Weekly,
      Issue #409
      June 21, 2000
      Australia's radical weekly

      Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
      environmental and left perspective.

      Featured this week: BEHIND THE TURMOIL IN THE PACIFIC

      Coverage of the events and background in Fiji, West Papua and the Solomon
      Islands. The editorial examines the establishment media hype about the
      so-called "ring of fire" in the Pacific and the Australian government's

      * NOTICE: Green Left Weekly and the GST


      * Editorial: War drums in the Pacific
      * SOLOMON ISLANDS: Seeds of conflict sown by imperialist exploitation
      * WEST PAPUA: Congress shows broad support for independence
      * FIJI: Class politics, not race, behind the coup


      * The great escape: free the refugees!


      * D-day for dairy farmers
      * New Olympic police powers threaten liberty
      * Are workers sharing the benefits of economic growth?
      * Indigenous health worsened by government neglect
      * The social imperative of motherhood


      * SRI LANKA: `Talk of peace' banned
      * `Stop the war in Eritrea!'
      * CAMEROON/CHAD: World Bank gives go-ahead
      * IRAQ: Sanctions an `everyday killing device'
      * PHILIPPINES: Moros resist harassment
      * EUROPE: Budiman Sujatmiko tours
      * NIGERIA: General strike blunts IMF-ordered price hike
      * SOUTH KOREA: General strike in name only
      * PAKISTAN: More left activists arrested
      * SOUTH AFRICA: Wits staff and students fight restructuring
      * A vast, brutal, malignant machine
      * EAST TIMOR: Rolling stoppages hit public transport system
      * GLOBAL WARMING: Carbon criminals' greenhouse gabfest
      * GERMANY: Evidence that GM genes jump species
      * CANADA: Thousands rally against corporate globalisation
      * SERBIA: Students lead anti-Milosevic protests
      * UNITED STATES: Left internet site censored
      * Asian Development Bank comes under spotlight
      * Inside South Africa's `elite transition' -- New book by Patrick Bond


      * Fijian community leader calls for democracy's restoration
      * Honeymoon mine assessment begins
      * Darwin protests against APEC
      * Kwinana residents oppose industrial expansion
      * National Union of Workers quits NSW Labor
      * Tax staff reject pay offer
      * Community welfare workers to strike
      * Abandoned Kakadu mines are still radioactive
      * Teachers strike, plan more action
      * Western Mining present eviction notice to Arabunna
      * Nike admits guilt
      * Action updates
      * Victory at last for Workers First
      * Asbestos scare in Parramatta
      * New DSP branch warms up for Olympic protests
      * Student union refuses affiliation to political clubs
      * Massive shows of support for reconciliation
      * People reclaim World Environment Day
      * Health unions prepare for action


      * Poem: And Pigs Might Fly
      * Old classics certainly not bland
      * Kumarangk `Karaoke and Kake'
      * The emptiness of the word `sorry'
      * Springsteen upsets cops with Diallo song
      * Rage against La Frontera


      Articles posted are as they were before proofreading, and prior to any
      final changes in the printed version.

      All articles appearing in Green Left Weekly, and reprinted here, are
      copyright by their authors. However, most regular contributors have granted
      permission for their work to be republished by non-profit green, left,
      human rights or generally progressive publications.

      ALL cartoons are copyright and must not be reproduced without permission of
      the artist.

      We like to know what audiences we are reaching, and would therefore
      appreciate being informed of any republication (in print or

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