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Mama Moses' Enstoolment as QUEEN MOTHER

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      Subject: Mama Moses' Enstoolment as QUEEN MOTHER

      For Immediate Release

      Contact: Ama Okomfo
      Tel: 718/398-8941; 718/783-1951


      Mother Harriet Ross Tubman Davis (“Mama Moses”), revered conductor on
      Underground Railroad, continues to make significant history and to
      impact the lives of those benefited by her sacrifices. On Saturday, June
      2000, Mother Tubman will be enstooled posthumously as a queen mother,
      becoming the first known late ancestral contributor to be so honored, both
      the United States and Africa. The event will take place at the historic
      Baptist Temple, 360 Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn from 6:00-9:00 p.m.

      Subsequent to her enstoolment in New York in the presence of
      African-Americans whose ancestors benefited by her countless years of
      selfless service, Mama Moses will be enstooled and honored in Ghana, the
      land of her descent, during a fall tour to the nation led by John Watusi
      Branch of the Afrikan Poetry Theatre.

      Presented by Ancestral beautySPIRITs Productions, in cooperation with
      Productions (Lester Ford, Director) and the Afrikan Poetry Theatre, (John
      Watusi Branch, Director), the enstoolment will be officiated by Nana Osei
      Boakye Yiadom II, educator, author, and Ghana’s first female chief, and
      Okyeame Kwasi Akuffo, chief Linguist and a leading Ghanaian spiritual leader
      in the Americas. Representing her renowned ancestor at the enstoolment
      ceremony will be Ms. Pauline Copes Johnson, Mama Moses’ great grand-niece
      works at the Tubman Estate in Auburn, New York.

      Featured as a part of the event, described as “sacred ancestral
      will be the multicultural storytelling musical MAMA MOSES’ SPIRIT - A Queen
      Mother of Freedom based on the book, THE MYSTICAL EXPERIENCES OF HARRIET
      TUBMAN by Linda Cousins. The diverse cast, featuring artists from the
      American South, the Caribbean, and Harlem, includes Imani Carole Parker and
      Linda Cousins (“sistuhbuddy storytellers), praise dancer Cecilia Carrington,
      gospel/jazz vocalist, Keisha St. Joan, plus an exciting drum ensemble, The
      Bahamas-New York Rushers, presenting a musical sample of the Bahamas’
      Junkanoo carnival which, like Tubman, stems from Ghanaian roots.

      Awards will be presented to l9 contemporary contributors representing
      Tubman’s l9 plus freedom forays into the South. Among the awardees are Dr.
      Beryl Dorsett, African tour leader and founder of the Dorsett Memorial
      in Ghana; Richard Bartee, founder of Harlem's Poet-Tential Unlimited
      Ayesha Grice, co-founder, Love and Light Productions and astrology
      Essence Magazine; long-time civil rights activist and children’s advocate,
      Mae Jackson, Executive Director of Art Without Walls, and Gloria Lowery
      Tyrell, who through Dramatic Interpretations personifies the spirit of
      Tubman and numerous other African-descended contributors. A Mama Moses
      Marketplace and Ancestral Networking reception with the cast, dignitaries,
      and awardees will complete the evening’s cultural offerings. While the
      enstoolment is taking place in Brooklyn, a select group of children in
      and the Caribbean will be hearing the story of Tubman’s great contributions
      for the first time.

      “The vision of ancestral enstoolments came to me early one morning as I lay
      awake thinking of the Mama Moses work and the tremendous work yet remaining
      to be done--a divine task facilitated by the spiritual mentorship of the
      Creator and phenomenal ancestors like Mother Tubman," explains Linda
      Cousins, author of the Tubman work and playwright of MAMA MOSES' SPIRIT.
      "This event will introduce not only an honoring of such ancestors and
      contemporary contributors through enstoolments, but education and
      “inner-attainment” through the storytelling musical, cultural
      entrepreneurship through the marketplaces, and business and social
      through the ancestral networking receptions. Like beautySPIRIT ancestors
      like the phenomenal Mother Tubman, it’s about love, love, love on all
      levels!” For further information on the Mama Moses’ Spirit production
      and enstoolment, call 718-398-8941, 718-643-1802, 718-346-6591, or
      718-523-3312; or e-mail Akan@... (including for information regarding
      travel packages for non-New Yorkers to the event). The website dedicated to
      Harriet Ross Tubman can be accessed at:
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