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Historynotes-l Runoko Rashidi-- Blackburn Center Saturday 2/5 @6pm

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  • RRashidi@swbell.net
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3 9:52 PM
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      Sakhu Graduate Society wrote:

      > hotep (peace) everyone,
      > we wanted to remind you that there will be a lecture and slide show
      > presentation by RUNOKO RASHIDI on SATURDAY, FEBRUAURY 5th at 6PM in the
      > BLACKBURN CENTER in the "FORUM." the title of the presentation is
      > "unexpected faces in unexpected places: the african presence globally."
      > for those who may not know of him, baba rashidi is one of the few serious
      > african-centered researchers devoted to uncovering the major contributions
      > that our people have made to world civilization. he brings with him years
      > of knowledge, wisdom, and evidence to support his position. he is
      > guaranteeing an enlightening and mind-boggling presentation.
      > the event is free for hu validated students (although donations are
      > definitely welcomed) and only $5 dollars for the general public. sakhu is
      > continuing its commitment to bringing you the information and inspiration
      > needed for change. all we are asking is for your support through your
      > attendance.
      > we continue in the spirit of love, struggle,
      > and victory,
      > sakhu graduate society
      > ______________________________________________________
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