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Historynotes National Emergency March for Justice on April 3rd

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      Subject: [BRC-NEWS] National Emergency March for Justice on April 3rd
      Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 22:04:27 -0800 (PST)
      From: Center for Constitutional Rights <lthurst@...>
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      National Emergency March for Justice - Against Police Brutality

      Saturday, April 3, 1999
      Washington, D.C.
      12:00 Noon - 4:00 PM

      Honorary Chairperson:
      Rev. Walter Fauntroy, President, National Black Leadership Roundtable

      at 10:00 at the Mall on G Street, NW, between 9th and 10th Street at the
      Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

      at 12:00 down 10th Street past the Justice Department to Constitution
      Avenue to the West Front of the Capitol for a

      Against Police Brutality at 2:00

      The Program will include:

      o Presentations from family members and victims of police brutality
      o Representatives of civil rights and human rights organizations
      o Poetry readings, freedom songs and sounds of the struggle

      Call 1-900-226-5715 ext. 184:

      o For further information on the March
      o To enlist in Gideon's Army of registered and organized voters
      o To support the March financially

      Call 1-800-764-0235:

      o To report a recent incident of police brutality
      o If you are organizing buses or special contingents

      Endorsers (list in formation):

      Amnesty International - Anthony Baez Foundation - Asian American Legal
      Defense and Education Fund - Association of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW
      2325 - CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities - Center for Democratic
      - Coalition Against Police Abuse - Ella Baker Center for Human
      Area Police Watch - Guinean Association of America, Inc. - International
      Socialist Organization - Jews for Racial and Economic Justice - Lesbian
      and Gay Anti-Violence Project - MADRE - Malcolm X Grassroots Movement -
      Movement for Change - National Action Network - National Black Police
      Association - National Coalition for Police Accountability - National
      Congress for Puerto Rican Rights - National Conference of Black Lawyers
      National Lawyers Guild - National Lawyers Guild-NYC chapter - New York
      City Police Watch - October 22nd Coalition - Pan African Project -
      Against Police Brutality - Racial Justice Working Group of the National
      Council of Churches - Refuse and Resist - NY chapter - South Carolina
      Malcolm X Grassroots Movement for Self-Determination - Southern
      Committee for Social and Economic Justice - United Committee to Save
      Nigeria - United Concerned Christians at Work - William Moses Kunstler
      Fund for Racial Justice - Women for Justice

      The National Emergency March for Justice is an Initiative of the
      Center for Constitutional Rights,
      Ron Daniels, Executive Director



      The police murder of Amadou Diallo, a 22 year unarmed immigrant from
      Guinea, West Africa, by four officers of the NYPD, who fired 41 shots at
      Diallo, 19 of which fatally pierced his body, has provoked a firestorm
      anger and outrage nationally and internationally. As tragic as the
      murder is, however, it is simply the tip of the iceberg of an epidemic
      police brutality and misconduct which is wreaking havoc on Blacks,
      Latinos, Asians and other people of color in the ghettos, barrios,
      reservations and neighborhoods. All across this nation the families of
      victims of police violence are crying out, demanding justice because
      scores of young people of color are being terrorized and are dying
      needlessly at the hands of police authorities whom we have entrusted
      the responsibility of protecting our communities. The crisis between
      communities of color and the police has become a National Emergency -
      bitter harvest of more than two decades of misguided public policies
      place more priority on massive and aggressive policing, tougher
      and more prisons over investment in social, economic and racial justice.

      The Center for Constitutional Rights is calling upon grassroots
      organizations and advocacy groups, public interest legal institutions,
      civil rights and human rights organizations, labor and religious
      organizations and leaders, civic and fraternal orders, all people of
      goodwill, and most importantly youth and families of victims of police
      brutality to journey to Washington D.C., Saturday, April 3, 1999, Martin
      Luther King Memorial Weekend, for a National Emergency March for Justice
      to proclaim to this nation and the world -- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

      We demand immediate action from the President, Attorney General and
      Congress of the United States:

      1. President Clinton should immediately speak out on this issue and
      empower a national commission to investigate the epidemic of police
      brutality and misconduct which is afflicting communities of color and
      communities across the nation.

      2. Attorney General Janet Reno, under the provisions of the Omnibus
      Bill of 1994, should issue a directive to the Justice Department to
      intensify pattern and practices investigations in communities with a
      incidence of complaints of police brutality. In addition, we call on the
      Attorney General to press for the expedited investigation of ongoing
      rights cases and to hear appeals for the re-opening of cases which may
      have received appropriate priority.

      3. The House Judiciary Committee should immediately convene formal
      hearings to take testimony on the scope and breadth of police brutality
      and misconduct and formulate recommendations for legislation

      4. The Congress of the United States Should:

      a. Pass legislation to provide funds for the Justice Department to
      systematically collect data on police brutality as mandated by the
      Crime Bill of 1994.

      b. Enact legislation that would provide for independent federal
      prosecutors to investigate allegations of police misconduct where the
      of illegal choke holds or deadly force results in the injury or death of
      the victim -- The Jonny Gammage Law.

      Finally, in memory of all those who have been victimized or died at the
      hands of the police, we pledge to keep the pressure on, to mobilize and
      organize to crystallize a new national movement to take back our
      communities and fight for social, economic and racial justice, putting
      America and the world on notice that as long as there is no justice for
      people of color, the disadvantaged and the dispossessed, there will be

      No justice, No peace! Get on the Bus!

      Buses are being organized from:

      New York City
      New Jersey
      North Carolina
      and other states

      Call the hotline for more information: 1-800-764-0235

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