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*The earliest gods of the Greek were black?

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  • Marc Washington
    To see the images associated with the text below, click this link: http://www.beforebc.de/Made.by.Humankind/Gods.MotherGoddeses/02-16g-700-00-0 5.html Were the
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      To see the images associated with the text below, click this link:



      Were the earliest Greek gods African?


      INTRO:  Greece is considered to be the cradle of Western civilization, Western philosophy, the Olympic Games, and Western literature, to name a few of its kudos. In the present writer’s view, the omission here is that the world has over-looked the fact that “Greece” had a much earlier phase that was African and it was during this time that it became the destination that people flocked to from all nearby lands! It was this Greece that left its legacy to the coming world.


      AFRICAN LAND, AFRICAN GODS?: By African is meant people inclined to have a “ball” of hair [A2, B6; C2, 6, 22]; a "head like pure wool" [D1 to 12; 6 is Cyrus the Great] as the Son of Man was described in Daniel 7:9. African hair, though, is sometimes curly or wavy [C7, 11, 21, 22]. Africans typically have a snub nose [A7, B1 to 5; C6, 13, 17; F2, 3]; and sometimes a prognatious (protruding jaw) [C1, 20], or pouting mouth [B4, C3, 9, 20, D12]. While the new-comers, colonists, i.e. suitors of Odyseuss’ wife, Penelope, were said to have “flowing hair” (The Odyessy, Book I, line 112) of whites [see: E1 to 6]. Odysseus was twice said to have hair like that of a red-golden hyacinth (The Odyessy, Book 6 line 245) [D1 to 5]; hyacinths are “woolly” petals (see center picture in D]. Odysseus’ best captain, Eurybates, was called “wooly headed [D7 - 12],” in Book XIX, line 291. Not having flowing hair, both Eurybates and Odysseus had woolly African hair, were Africans. BRAIDS: Easily, a dozen times in The Odyessy nymphs and pretty women are described as having braids [F1, 2] which is an African style [F3] brought by Isis from Sudan to Assyria according to Plutarch (and I add Classical Greece). Ethiopia means sunburned and referred to the black skin of those people. The Iliad has Achilles’ mother saying: “Zeus [C19 - 22] left to join the matchless Ethiopians [consider A7] in a 12-day feast with all the gods,” (Book I:425). They were black [F2] in lands where women wear braids. This genre of Archea were African and it stands to reason their gods [C1 to 22] were African.


      PREHISTORIC GREECE: The great Greek tradition of ritual [A3 is near Thrace A8] and wondrous stone sculpture of human forms [A4, 5, 6, 7] was long a part of “Greecian” art from 5000 BC [A4, 5, 6] made by, human remains there tell us [A1], and faces show [A2; C2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 13, 15], by Africans.



      Archeologists tell us that Greek gods often have African (Zeus-Amon from Sudan) &Mesopotamian precedents. Samas on his mountain [B1] became Zeus [D 19 to 21] on his mountain, i.e. Mt. Olympus, Mesopotamian Asarte [B4, 5] became Greek’s Hera [D8, 9] wife of Zeus. Errakal (”kal” = great and the full name meant “The Great Erra”); Errakal [B3] along with lion-wrestling Gilgamesh [B2] together became lion-wrestling Errakal i.e. Hercules [B6] of Greece and Rome. All of these gods were African [B1 to 5; C1 to 22] but after incoming whites from the Steppes [A8] began to get in power [and see 5a, 5b], they had Lyssipus, Antenor, Glycon and other sculpturists portray the gods as mulatto / mixed and white. Today, we only see white images of these gods [e.g. E6]: white Hera, Artemis, Zeus, Hercules, Apollo. While the West claims orinality to civilization and these things, archeology shows it was African.


      Nearly 400 pages of worldwide African (black) history before Columbus, before the West, and before Christ from:




      Marc Washington

      Budapest, Hungary


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