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African Views Event Reminder: -South Sudan will be Africa's newest state. What are the challenges ahead?

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    Information| Communication| Collaboration ... Dear friends and colleagues: Please join us live via Skype or phone as we congratulate the people of Sudan on the
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      Information| Communication| Collaboration


      Dear friends and colleagues: 

      Please join us live via Skype or phone as we congratulate the people of Sudan on the successful achievement of the principal pillar of the January 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), the referendum on self-determination for southern Sudan .


      We commend the people of southern Sudan , whose choice has been clearly, freely and credibly expressed in the referendum. South Sudan will be Africa 's newest state. So this means border demarcation, cooperation on oil and pipeline use, it means freedom of movement of goods and services and economic cooperation, it means border control and citizenship, just to mention a few.


      Some people have started to raise concerns about the danger of a new ideology of tribal nationalism" or ethnic federalism that could sweep across Africa .  Is this probable?  As for South Sudan, what dangers and opportunities dies the future holds, and what value is being added to the continent of Africa by having successfully resolve one of the most difficult political disputes, peacefully?

      We Invite pundits to join the dialogue on The African View with Bookie Shonuga and Paul Adujie

      • When: Wednesdays, February 2, 2011
      • The show starts promptly by 12 NOON and ends at 1PM EST
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