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"The African Origins Of Martial Arts" with guest, Ahati Kilindi Iyi on The African History Network Show, Thursday August 5th, 8pm - 11pm EST!

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  • Michael J. Robinson
    Hello Everyone, Listen to The African History Network Show , August 5th, 8pm - 11pm EST as our guest will be Ahati Kilindi Iyi, Head Instructor of The
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      Hello Everyone,


      Listen to "The African History Network Show", August 5th, 8pm - 11pm EST as our guest will be Ahati Kilindi Iyi, Head Instructor of The Tamerrian Institute of Detroit. Many people don't know that the first fighting systems known to man began in Africa. We'll discuss the history of the African Origins of Martial Arts and what Africans took into other lands.  Please visit http://www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com/ for more info.

      Our topic will be: "The African Origins Of Martial Arts"

      Some questions that we’ll answer are:


      1) Where and how Martial Arts originated?

      2) What is the purpose of Martial Arts?

      3) The various styles of African Martial Arts and the countries they originated.

      4) The animal systems that are practiced at the Tamerrian Institute such as the snake, panther, lion and bull to name a few.

      5) What are the health benefits of practicing Martial Arts?


      This will be a very informative and enlightening discussion so please make sure that our youth are listening. Our call in number is (914) 338-1375. Click this link to access our show, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theafricanhistorynetworkshow. Feel free to call in with your questions or just to listen if can't access us by internet. Be sure to invite your Facebook Friends to this event.

      For more information and to see clips of over 400 videos of our great African-Centered Scholars, please visit http://www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com/ and www.Youtube.com/mjrob1914. Our current promotion is Buy 4 DVDs and Get 1 FREE.

      The African History Network Show was designed to help people of African descent especially African-Americans gain knowledge of their history and culture that has been stripped from us over hundreds of years. We focus on educating, empowering and inspiring people of African descent. We will have some of the top African-Centered Scholars on our program and other exciting guest so you can speak with them and have your questions answered. This is a solutions oriented show. "Right knowledge corrects wrong behavior."


      JOIN Our FANPAGE, "The African History Network" on www.Facebook.com. Be on our FANPAGE during the program and we'll take some of your questions and comments from our FANPAGE and announce them on the air.

      If you have any suggestions regarding future guests or topics for The African History Network Show, please email us at CustomerService@....

      Be sure to visit our website www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com and sign up for our new Newsletter E-mail list.  We will have a lot of exciting things coming up in the next few weeks and we want to keep you informed.



      Thank You,



      Bro. Michael

      Professional Public Speaker/Lecturer/Talk Show Host


      The African History Network

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      "Right knowledge, Corrects wrong behavior!!!"

      Listen to "The African History Network Show", Thursdays 8pm – 11pm EST.


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