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[A BadGal Says - TheSUSS] Foolish Friday Duo with ABS

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    Lets Talk About Fools on Friday - Yes we are starting out with ABS since we know you Like Your Meat before your snacks, enjoy. trust us this lil hamhock shows
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2010
      Lets Talk About Fools on Friday - 
      Yes we are starting out with ABS since we know you Like Your Meat before your snacks, enjoy. trust us this lil hamhock shows up greasy later on so keep reading, but I suggest you get your glass of Koolaid now. you're gonna want it after reading this salty snack.

      First Off the Wall - We have the original Humpty Dumpty Man - Matt Lauer - the NBC Today Show Host has split from his wifey of twelve years after being caught up..In Vancouver's Valentines day Atmosphere. 

      Mrs. Dumpty says enough is enough and that's a wrap.  Looks like humpty has fallen again;  but this time he may not be getting up. the Lauers were previously separated in 2006 after a similar incident and reconciled. word is that may not be happening this time as Humpty has Busted off of the wall and is scrambling.

      Matt Lauer, Wife Split - Lauer Accused Of Cheating

      POSTED: Thursday, May 13, 2010
      After twelve years of marriage, Matt Lauer and his wife, Annette Rogue, 39, have reportedly split.Lauer, 52, has moved out of the family home. According to numerous reports, Rogue accused him of cheating during the Today Show's on-site coverage of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in February.RadarOnline reports Lauer didn't come home to spend Valentines Day with his wife and decided to stay in Vancouver.Sources say he was seen often in Vancouver boozing it up and flirting with women.

      Lauer reportedly also stayed behind in Canada at the end of the Olympics even though the rest of the crew had returned to New York.Lauer confronted her husband on his return to New York asking him about two female broadcasters he had reportedly been seen with a lot.Lauer denied the accusations, but moved out a few days later.This isn't the first time Lauer has been accused of cheating.

      Two years after their 1998 wedding, Rogue reportedly discovered Lauer had carried on a secret affair with a married woman just months before their wedding.She filed for divorce in 2006 but later reconciled.According to the show insider, "Matt is trying to keep this [split] on the down low."

      In addition, sources said that Lauer's NBC bosses are pressuring the presenter to maintain his image as a solid family man to appeal to his largely female audience.The source goes on to say, "Matt is still very involved in his children's lives. He goes to the family apartment after he finishes his Today duties to see the kids - and picks them up from school.The couple has three children together - Jack, 8, Romy, 6, and Thijs, 2.

      Then we can move onto another Crazyman - Terrell Owens.  Yes thats TO at the top of the post in his recent catwalk in New York to show off his Abs of Steel.  Apparently since he's been on DWTS he has a whole new spate of confidence - and he's made a bold pronouncement. 

      He has decided that He Is The Man for Halle Berry. WOW,,  TMZ was able to capture the moment for us on film in vibrant foolwang.  after you watch that I'm sure you are going to be all through for the day.

      in case you missed it TO ran his mouth rather foolishly earlier this year on Twitter- and not just about football games.. so we know this is one Greasyyyyyy.. well you fill in the blank

      Terrell Owens Accused of Bentley Fraud

      Originally posted Jan 7th 2010 2:15 AM PST by TMZ Staff

      Terrell OwensTerrell Owens is being accused of dropping the ball on a pre-season bet he lost to a fan -- a bet involving a $200,000 Bentley.

      The fan claims the Buffalo Bills receiver owes him the car -- because before the season started, Owens made a "deal" (through his Twitter page) to catch 10 TDs this year ... or he would fork over the keys to his prized ride.

      The season came and went -- and T.O. didn't even come close to the TD mark. Now, the fan is trying to collect -- but claims Owens is completely blowing him off.

      T.O.'s rep tells us the whole thing was "all in good nature" and there was "no reality" to the bet.

      Have Mercy it's Foolish Friday

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