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[BadGal Says - TheSUSS] Lil Mikey Come on Over Here so I can Spank You,

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  • RE Ausetkmt
    Have Mercy Sweet Gmail ! we are no longer safe and insured the right of privacy; using email. some of you may remember the commercial where the bigger brother
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2009

      Have Mercy Sweet Gmail !

      we are no longer safe and insured the right of privacy;
      using email.

      some of you may remember the commercial where
      the bigger brother blames his younger brother Mikey;
      for everything that happens to become a mess..
      Today we are also going to shift the blame to Mikey,,

      Mikey Mosman - the federal judge who approved this mess
      of a bill; IOHO, should be sent the full rath of invasion.
      Mostly because he unleashed hell with this thoughtless
      decision; to void the right to privacy in your personal email.
      who cares if I want to discuss my personal shoe issues with
      my girls in far corners of the world ? Mikey Shouldn't

      just remember it Won't Be Private, cause Mikey Did It

      when we saw this story on Current, it took us fast.
      this is the type of invasive counter measure that insures
      that no one will ever have privacy again.
      so in case you want to send that nasty anonymous note;
      forget it, it's no longer anonymous according to Judge Michael Mosman
      of Portland Oregon.just remember it Won't Be Private because Mikey Doesn't want it to be

      and you thought Oregon was all for freedom, NOTTTTTT.
      today we ask our friend in Portland -

      Doctor Faustroll What Say You From PDX ??

      this is the story from Current; read it and weep friends

      Feds Can Search Your E-Mail Without Notice, Judge Rules

      Jared Newman

      Oct 30, 2009 10:18 am

      No matter how much of our personal lives exist in e-mail services such as Gmail, a U.S. District Court judge says it's okay if the government takes a look at your e-mail.

      The opinion by federal judge Michael Mosman, handed down in Portland, Oregon, involves a case in which the government has probable cause for a search and asked Google to provide nine months of a Gmail subscriber's e-mails, seeking evidence of the crime. Furthermore, the feds asked that the search warrant be sealed and that the user shouldn't be told what was happening.

      Gmail isn't the only e-mail provider that might face this situation. Other services, including Microsoft's Hotmail and AOL, say in their usage terms that they'll share information with the government when required by warrant or court order. What's shocking is that this could be happening without your knowledge.

      Mosman's ruling reversed an earlier decision that the user must get a receipt after the government rifles through e-mail. Though he says electronic communications are protected by the Fourth Amendment, which guards against unreasonable search and seizure, those protections don't apply to the e-mail user. If the government takes a look at your e-mail, the obligation to disclose what was searched ends at the Internet Service Provider.

      Mosman gives this analogy: If the government seizes a package sent by FedEx, the recipient and the sender don't have to be told, as long as FedEx gets a copy of the warrant. Also, Mosman wrote that the government didn't take any property, so to speak, because e-mail can be viewed from anywhere.

      The nut of the issue is that Mosman doesn't liken e-mail to personal property stored at home. "If a suspect leaves private documents at his mother's house and the police obtain a warrant to search his mother's house, they need only provide a copy of the warrant and a receipt to the mother, even though she is not the 'owner' of the documents," he writes.

      However, Mosman writes that the law remains unclear about whether information stored online is like a "virtual home." I think enough people assume so that we need some legislation to iron this out.

      Remember Friends, Email Won't Be Private, Anymore

      Posted By RE Ausetkmt to BadGal Says - TheSUSS at 11/01/2009 12:00:00 AM
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