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  • Djehuti Sundaka
    http://www.jkd.com/ Bruce Lee Educational Foundation Home Page Home About the Foundation Organizational Goals als Foundation Focus The Nucleus Contact Us
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      Bruce Lee Educational Foundation Home Page


      About the Foundation

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      (Formerly known as the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do)

      Announcing the
      5th Annual JFJKD Seminar

      for the year 2001 we have chosen the Netherlands as the site of our next seminar. Since this is the first foreign seminar it will fill up very fast so please sign up today. You can find info and applications at

      Special Bruce Lee Exhibition
      and Opening Night Dinner
      in San Francisco

      For more details please see the Events Page

      Welcome to the Bruce Lee Educational Foundation Website. The Bruce Lee Educational Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of Bruce Lee's thought in the realms of art, science, philosophy and education. Bruce Lee's unique viewpoint - totality not partiality, harmony not discord, brotherhood not divisiveness and truth not tradition - makes Bruce Lee's teachings particularly relevant to today's events and trends.

      Bruce Lee's thoughts and ideas have been embraced by millions of people throughout the world who have read his many published works with great excitement (His books are time-proven best sellers, and a 1993 edition of Publisher's Weekly cited one anthology of his writings, "The Tao of Jeet Kune Do", as topping the Ingram/Baker-Taylor Trade Paperback bestseller list, ahead of popular books such as "The Pelican Brief" and "Schindler's List").

      Among the publications and newspapers that have featured articles about Bruce Lee are:

      · Newsweek · Playboy · Spin · Esquire · Grand Royal · Men's Health
      · Muscle & Fitness · People · Variety · The Hollywood Reporter 
      · The Los Angeles Times · The New York Times · The New York Post
      · The Toronto Daily Star · The Toronto Sun · The Globe and Mail
      · The Edmonton Sun · The San Francisco Chronicle · Penthouse
      · Ironman · Vanity Fair · GQ · Muscle Mag International · TV Guide
      · Associated Press · Chicago's American · China Mail (Hong Kong)
      · Gastonia Gazette · Hong Kong Standard · Washington Daily News
      · Miami Beach Sun · Miami News · Movie Mirror · 16 Magazine
      · New Nation (Singapore) · Off Duty/Pacific · St. Paul Pioneer Press
      · Seattle Post-Intelligencer · Seattle Times · Sunday Post Herald
      · The Star (Hong Kong) · The Tribune · TV and Movie Screen · Icon
      · Fighting Stars · Black Belt  · TV Picture Life · TV Radio Mirror
      · TV Radio Show · United Press International · Washington Post
      · Washington Star · Inside Kung Fu · Official Karate· Action Stars
      · Karate International · MA Training · Martial Arts Legends
      · Inside Tae Kwon Do · The Library Journal · Publisher's Weekly
      · Entertainment Weekly · Inside Karate

      Bruce Lee's significance and ideas have been presented or discussed on National Public Radio, The Family Channel, The Learning Channel and the Arts & Entertainment (A&E) network, Unsolved Mysteries and Entertainment Tonight. We invite you to visit our site and judge for yourself why for over a quarter of a century researchers, journalists, and editors who want to live more exciting and meaningful lives have continued to turn to the teachings of Bruce Lee.

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