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The Voice Heard From The Wilderness

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  • iimtbiwb
    God is Love. Love ensures, and guarantees our pleasure and safety for Life. Obedience to Love is required. Obedience is Righteousness. The just reward of
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      God is Love. Love ensures, and guarantees our pleasure and safety for Life. Obedience to Love is required. Obedience is Righteousness. The just reward of obedience is Life more abundantly. Christ is peace. Peace does not guarantee or bring back Love. Freedom is not free. Freedom is Sin. The cost of freedom is Death.

      God is Love, and Love is Life. One Love.

      In hell, Men commit adultery with the wives of other men. Women fornicate with different men. Children do not honor their parents. Homosexuality is an accepted option. Greed, envy, and perverseness are normal characteristics. There is Death, lies, murder, rape, theft, and gnashing of teeth. Man clinches his jaws and teeth, to show or express his anger. Hell is full of nonsense, affliction, and tribulations. Hell is where we currently live our lives, everyday without God. Do not be afraid. Be of good courage. Open the blind eyes.

      God is a Husband to His Nation of Israel. God is a Father to His Sons, the Families of Israel. God leads by example, and His ways have always been Faithfulness and Truth. A man that finds himself a wife finds a good thing. He will leave mother and father to cleave to his wife. He will lead his family in Love and Truth. A wife Faithfully obeys her husband, and children honor their parents with Love. Jesus Christ is a comforter to strange nations, and a friend to their lost men and women. Christ has no loyalty, and seeks the approval and popularity of man. Jesus is an illegitimate son that became a thief, and a new covenant followed.

      God established the family. God made man and woman in the image of Love. God made Eve from the rib of Adam. A husband and wife, instructed to be fruitful and multiply with children. God requires something greater than a trinity; a true father, a faithful mother, and children reared for Love. God chose Jacob, whom He renamed Israel, and his family to create the Nation of Israel. Jacob had twelve sons, who are the twelve tribes of Israel. Jesus is the illegitimate son of Mary, who was engaged to Joseph. Jesus has never known Love. Jesus kept a prostitute, and twelve friends called the twelve disciples. One of the first gangs is the cult of Jesus Christ. Jesus did not desire to have a family and children of his own. Jesus preferred to have the world. He preferred to humiliate the children of others, which do not belong to him. He appeals to lost sheep with tricks and flatteries. They become his prey, and he teaches them how to prey on others.

      God does not change, and wants His people to come back to Him. He will come back to us, save us, and restore our inheritance. God promises Life more abundantly. God will heal us and our land. The meek shall inherit the earth. Life is God's reward for His obedient men of flesh. Jesus Christ changed the ordinances and confused the Law. Jesus has no love, and dishonored God's Law. He would prefer to shake the dust from his feet, and be a leader of strangers. Ask of him and you shall receive his imitation of Life, a peace of mind. It is an imitation of salvation; a peace that ends in death. The price of sin is Death. Christ intentionally leads his sheep into death, releasing the spirit to go backwards. Jesus does not love, and established Death as a reward. Jesus Christ is Hate. He is powerless, and requires nothing of you.

      God lives forever. God does not die, and man cannot kill Him. God has power over man, which He created. God has no shape of an object, or any similitude or similarity of image; male or female. God is Love. God will never leave or forsake His People. God does not fail. Jesus Christ is a false god, controlled and manipulated by man. Jesus was a man of flesh that came as a thief. God put him to death. Jesus Christ was forsaken, and men crucified him. Jesus lost his soul, to return no more. He is honored and glorified by man, but the false prophet is a failure.

      God does it alone, and no god is beside Him. God is Jealous, and His name is Jealous. He will not share His power or His glory. God established His Covenant with the Nation of Israel. His people know and recognize Him. Trust and depend on God and His words. Jesus Christ is one part of a trinity, working together as one. Christ represents a father, son, and holy spirit. They will use you, but not love you. Jesus Christ will share his flatteries with you, so you can create confusion as he does. The people made him prince of the Gentiles. A new covenant was established for them in Jesus' name. His homeboys are followers, bragging on another man. Evil spirits tolerate and listen to them, because they are all in agreement. They are like a Legion. They are all host of the kingdom of heaven. They practice divinity, exorcisms, sorcery, astrology, and etc. (Refer to Deuteronomy chapter 18: 9 and on.)

      God says His salvation will come a second time, in the same manner, as salvation for the Israelites in Egypt. Remember the teaching of Moses, the curses, the blessings, and the song of Remembrance. Recall them to the nations, and experience salvation. Jesus Christ cannot save anyone from anything. Jesus Christ allows you to sin repeatedly, as long as you confess your sins. You must confess to a man; claiming Jesus' death paid the price for you and your sins. His way is easy, because it requires nothing of you. The way of Jesus Christ is no way at all. Only your heart can stop your sinning. No one can die for you. Jesus is powerless, and could not save himself.

      God gave us a glimpse of what He has in store for His People. God is Real, and requires His People to be Real. God expects us to have Faith in Truth, and the evidence of reality. The things near to us, which are seen and experienced. Faith is undeniable and unshakeable; it is a response or substance of Truth. God gave Israel a Law and history book, which man could not destroy. God created a master plan, which cannot be denied. He put His words in our hearts; and His plan is the past, present, and future of life. Jesus had no choice but to leave his sheep. His followers hope for death to save them from Hell. Jesus left it to the imagination, of what death and heaven really is. Jesus Christ is a false prophet, and his people are lying haters. His credentials are flatteries and word of mouth. Jesus expects his followers to Believe in Lies, the imagination of things Hoped for. The things not seen or experienced. A Belief depends on ignorance and the power of persuasion. Beliefs are the product or result of Lies. Beliefs rely on a system of majority rule, which is also following the multitude. Christ allows people to create their own lies. Jesus died for sin, but failed to mention, they were his own sins. The price of sin is Death, and no man can die for another man's sin. No one can go for us. No one can bring it back, and No one can tell us of it.

      God says the Nation of Israel will be reborn, proving that God is real to all nations. Then, God and His Kingdom will return to rule the earth, and Israel will govern. Jesus says to be reborn in the spirit, while the kingdom of heaven is here now. Jesus was a traveling politician. Gentiles promoted his campaign, attempting to prove he is a real god. His mother, Mary, laid the foundation of this kingdom, and she is the ruler. Her illegitimate prince oppresses. Jesus Christ established Death and Hell followed. Satan and his son, Christ, want to be like God. They refer to this hell as the kingdom of heaven.

      God does not lie. God's words are plain and clear, so even a child can understand. Faithfully trust in the words of God, with all of your heart. His Nation of Israel will return to Him. Can man refuse the power of God? Does man think that God cannot save? Jesus Christ was not accepted, and the Jews denied him. The spirit cannot lie, but Jesus taught in parables. Only those who want to believe in him can understand. They are lost sheep with lying tongues, in the imagination of their own hearts.

      God said He would raise, and send a prophet to restore things lost. God said this prophet would make the Law honorable. He would turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers, and the hearts of fathers back to their children. Yet, God chose to strike the earth with a curse first. The false prophet is also part of God's plan, so that we may see first hand the corruption of man. Jesus was an illegitimate child that came as a thief, and a new covenant was established. Jesus was a door of change to dishonor God's Law. The Law was declared unfair and too strict to follow. Gentiles considered it impossible to keep all Ten (Love) Commandments, without breaking one. The family structure began to break down. The spirit caused division in the home with freedom of religion. The home is divided with whoring of different gods. Jesus says the spirit should be accepted in peace, as a friend and comforter.

      God put the rebellious, contentious spirit in fleshly man. God holds the man of flesh and his heart responsible and accountable. Follow your heart, because God and His words are there. A circumcised heart recognizes Truth when exposed, and can feel Love. God is Love. He judges the heart, not the spirit. Satan is rebellious, and Jesus was held accountable. The spirit (Christ/Holy Ghost) will fail before God, and the souls that He has made. Christ is not concerned with the flesh, and will cause your heart to harden. Jesus Christ allows the spirit from within to guide the man of flesh.

      God has hid His face, because He does not dwell in sin. He said tribulations would be endured, until we return to Him in Truth, as the Nation of Israel. Jesus died for his sins, and will not be coming back. He said ask in Jesus name, and receive peace instead of tribulation. Jesus teaches man to ignore the hell around us, and create peace in your mind. Peace of mind is not salvation. That is ignorance and stupidity. Jesus Christ cannot hear or save. He wants you to fake it, and pretend that he can.

      God instructed man to pour out the blood at Barbecues. (Animal sacrifices cooked and eaten before God/Thanksgiving) God instructs man not to partake in the blood, and not to eat the flesh of anything that eats flesh. The blood is for the life of the thing, from which it came. The blood belongs to that flesh. Jesus, a Jewish man, instructed his believers to drink his blood; and eat his flesh. This is cannibalism. Cannibalism is the consuming of human flesh and blood. Communion is the simulation of consuming human flesh and blood. If we cannot do it for real, pretending to eat someone's child is just as bad. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.

      Before it happens, God tells us of it. There is nothing new, until God returns to do new things to the earth. God says that the Nation of Israel died in transgression, and will be reborn to life more abundantly. Jesus Christ could not foretell when he would return, because he is not coming back. Jesus says that believers should be reborn in the spirit, and wait patiently for death.

      God says He will defeat sin, the spirit, and death. God saves. Jesus Christ claims that he died for sin, so you can live in the spirit to die a final death. Jesus could not save himself. There is no power in the second death.

      God is Love. Love is Life. Live in Love forever. Jesus Christ is peace. Peace is death. Rest in peace.

      Many have come in the name of Christ, but only one Antichrist comes in the name of God. Israel.

      A New Song

      YES HE CAN

      Yes He can humble New York, and sober up New Orleans
      Penetrate with seismic force taming Californians
      Cool down Hotlanta, and Panama too
      Turn boys to men, swinging on St. Lou
      Yes He can, make it do what it do
      God make a (Jamaica) rude boy understand the Truth
      Bringing real life to Texas, trees through Arizona
      Oh my God, know ya twisted in Oklahoma
      And on my, Hometown, I let God, you let me down
      But still you know I Love you, and I will not clown
      When I was up you dug dirt, and smiled when I was down
      I was led by Love, to put it there on solid ground
      Yes He can
      Make the man look like a clown
      But I'm the man fa' shough, (sure)
      About His plan
      I done told ya bafough, (you before)
      On the Rock I stand
      We catching robbers in the act
      Making spoilers bring it back
      Jews, Christians, and Muslims
      Show me where your gods at
      You've been fooled by the worst
      I'm schooled by the best
      Ya'll spirit chasers Dog, God made me perfect in the flesh
      Practicing your religions,
      Filled your life with stress
      A Life filled with Love is the only way to rest
      You live to die perfectly,
      Hate Life to death
      I'm reborn to live righteous,
      Loving Life in the flesh
      Yes He Can
      God can straighten out this mess
      God is the best, there is no other
      His name, Israel, (Is Real) Lil Lover ask your mother (nation)
      The new deal is a real raw deal
      Got you all denying how you really, truly feel
      To be full and filled with the real deal
      Is the way to Live
      Yes Love can heal, let me tell you how it is
      Lies empower Christ
      Too much room for error
      The Truth of Israel
      Has always made you feel better
      There is no hope
      He Is What He Is
      Increasing your Faith
      God Israel (Is Real)

      From The Wilderness, Hear My Plea

      If you are Blind, Deaf, and Drunk
      You should Look, Listen, and be Sober
      I AM TRUE

      I will not give My Glory to another.

      If I AM a Father, where is My Honor?

      If you wanted Me
      You would come back to Me
      If you were Mine
      You would prove Me
      If you remembered Me
      You could be made whole

      If you would not follow your own spirit
      If you would only circumcise your heart

      If you were not hard headed
      You would be perfect

      If you Loved Me
      You would be complete
      If you were with Me
      You would not die hoping
      If you would focus
      You would know this

      I Hid My Face, because I AM THAT I AM

      When You see "Truth", "Stand Up" before Me

      I want you
      Now come back to Me
      I AM yours
      Be Mine
      I will not fail you
      Now be healed

      I will put My Spirit (Love) on you
      I will give you a new heart

      I AM forgiving
      Now be perfect

      I Love you
      Now be complete
      I AM with you
      Live more abundantly
      I sent My Word
      Now understand

      I AM Love. Love is Life

      If you were together
      You would not be scattered
      I AM the One
      Let's be together

      The Word of God,
      ISRAEL (Is Real)

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      http://www.myspace. com/ThisisFaithf ulTruth
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/NationofIs rael_TheFirstFam ilyofLove
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