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June 9th and 13th Events in support of Puerto Rico

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  • ProLibertad Campaign
    The ProLibertad Freedom Campaignhttp://www.ProLibertadWeb.comProLibertad Hotline: 718-601-4751ProLibertad@hotmail.com FREE PUERTO RICO!! Mon. June 9th, 2008 at
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      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign
      ProLibertad Hotline: 718-601-4751

      Mon. June 9th, 2008 at 6:30pm at Hunter College West Building

      2nd Floor Room 217


      E68th St. and Lexington Avenue 

      (Take the #6 train to E68th St.)


      Donation: $10 or your best offer

      (no one will be turned away)



      Join the ProLibertad Freedom Campaign for our annual Reception/Forum for the Puerto Rico Delegation of the United Nations De-Colonization Committee Hearings!!


      Every year a Delegation from Puerto Rico comes to the United Nations to testify to the U.N. De-Colonization Committee; to make the case for the liberation of Puerto Rico, Vieques and the release of the Puerto Rican Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War.


      This delegation is made up of various activists from the different organizations throughout Puerto Rico that fight for the independence of Puerto Rico. 


      This reception/forum is an opportunity for allies of the Puerto Rican independence movement in NYC to converse with activists from Puerto Rico!!


      Come hear updates on: Labor Struggle in Puerto Rico, FBI Repression of the Independence Movement, Avelino Gonzalez Claudio, Vieques and other topics!


      The following organizations and individuals areinvited: El Frente Socialista, The Island of Vieques, ProLibertad, El Partido Nacionalista Puertorriqueño, and many other organizations from New York and Puerto Rico...




      The Puerto Rican Freedom Project Committee Presents:

      FRIDAY JUNE 13TH, 2008 6-10pm
      Live Performances by the Welfare Poets, Alma Moyo, Boricuation Artists, El Grito de Poetas and more performances to be announced!

      Afro Carribean Puerto Rican Collectable Art Auction!
      Two for one drink specials, Full appetizer menu afterparty included!

      Loiza NY Oxygen Lounge 24 Avenue C East 2nd-3td St., Lower Eastside NYC

      Sponsored by" The Welfare Poets-Borucation. com Art by MIA-AWEAR Clothing
      ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _

      http://prfreedompro ject.org/

      The Welfare Poets, Boricuation and other concerned organizations and individuals have come together to collaborate on a fund raising project to directly aid the current Puerto Rican Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War, incarcerated for fighting for the independence and self-determination of Puerto Rico.

      The Freedom Album will be a musical CD/compilation dedicated to the welfare of our political prisoners. We have united under the name The Puerto Rican Freedom Project Committee. Additionally, we also want this album to assist past Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War who have been freed and are now attempting to survive in a system where many channels have been closed to them, and even possibly aid future Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War. The Puerto Rican Freedom Project Committee has begun mailing Puerto Rican artists of all genres across the U.S., on the island and elsewhere to let them know about the project and to initiate the process of song submission. Our desire is to get a wide range of Puerto Rican artists from the local grass-rooted bands to those who are mainstream and have the eye of the world press.

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