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Avelino Gonzalez Claudio-Newest PRican Political Prisoner

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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2008

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      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign denounces the arrest of Avelino GOnzalez Claudio; the newest PUERTO RICAN POLITICAL PRISONER!! 


      ProLibertad organized  a very militant and powerful picket infront of 26 Federal Plaza!!


      Write to him:

      Avelino Gonzalez-Claudio #09873-000
      MDC Guaynabo
      P.O. Box 2005
      Catano, PR 00963


      Below is an AP article on his hearing on Monday and the a statment from his support committee...


      Durante la tarde de ayer se llevó a cabo en la corte yanki en Puerto Rico la vista de identificación y extradición del compañero Avelino González Claudio. 


      El compañero fue acusado en agosto de 1985 junto a otros compañeros y compañeras patriotas por la expropiación de $7 millones de dólares de la Wells Fargo en Hartford, CT.  Desde ese entonces estuvo en el clandestinaje. 


      Adjuntamos la declaración que durante la tarde de ayer el compañero presentó frente al magistrado López.

      Próximamente se informará sobre el Comité de Familiares y Amigos de Avelino González Claudio. 


      Associated Press
      Feb. 11, 2008

      Although presumed Machetero Avelino González Claudio requested that he be
      tried in Puerto Rico and declared himself a “political prisoner,” federal
      magistrate Marcos López ordered his extradition to Hartford, Connecticut,
      in a generally automatic judicial proceeding.

      González Claudio’s lawyer also denounced to the judge that his client is
      receiving “inhumane treatment” en the federal prison, because he is being
      held in a cell where the only window has been sealed with a sheet of metal
      so he can’t see daylight.

      Migdalia Torres, spokeswoman for MDC Guaynabo, stated in a letter written
      to Associated Press that some cells in the prison are being repaired, and
      that this work could require that the windows be temporarily sealed. She
      denied that González Claudio is receiving special or different treatment
      than the rest of the prisoners.

       “The treatment of prisoner González Claudio is no different than that any
      other detainee awaiting trial and with the same security needs,” Torres
      declared in the letter.

      González Claudio was arrested last week for allegedly participating in the
      $7 million Wells Fargo robbery in Hartford, CT, on Sept. 12, 1983.

      González Claudio stated that he responds to that name, although he
      established through his legal representation that he does not recognize
      the authority of the U.S. court in Puerto Rico to extradite him.

      Avelino González Claudio does not deny his identity. This Puerto Rican
      citizen in front of you is Avelino González Claudio,” Juan Ramón Acevedo
      Cruz, lead defense attorney for the supposed member of the Boricua
      People’s Army-Machetero, stated to magistrate Lopez.

      “In terms of extradition, we vigorously object to any attempt by the U.S.
      government to remove González Claudio from his home, Puerto Rico,” added
      the attorney during the accused’s identification hearing.

      Federal prosecutor Jose Ruiz indicated to AP that the extradition could
      take more than 20 days and that if no bail is imposed in the jurisdiction
      to which he will be transferred, he would remain incarcerated. “If bail is
      imposed here, it is usually respected there,” Ruiz indicated.

      According to Acevedo, González Claudio, as a “political prisoner,” demands
      his right to remain in his home country, as stated by international law.

      The attorney also demanded that the U.S. government comply with UN General
      Assembly Resolution 1514, which declares colonialism to be “the negation
      of a fundamental human right.”

      “Since 1972, the UN Special Decolonization Committee has recognized the
      inalienable right of Puerto Ricans to self-determination and independence
      according to Resolution 1514,” added the attorney, citing the resolution.

      The defense also requested a bail hearing, which was set by the magistrate
      for Feb. 21 at 1:30 in the afternoon.

      The federal prosecutor’s office, represented by Ruiz and Carlos Cardona,
      did not object to guaranteeing the suspect’s bail hearing.

      They successfully requested that González Claudio remain incarcerated in
      MDC Guaynabo because he is considered “a flight risk” and “a danger to the
      community” because he used false names for 22 years and due to the nature
      of the crimes he is accused of.

      The magistrate stated that the denunciation of inhumane treatment is not
      under the court’s jurisdiction.

      Faced with the attorney’s demands that he be able to visit González
      Claudio in a visiting room and not in a conference room where they have no
      privacy, and that his shackles be removed so he can sign documents, the
      magistrate responded that the attorney would have to make the pertinent
      arrangements with the federal BOP. He indicated that the tribunal could
      only intervene if the situation persisted.

      While the hearing was taking place, there was a protest by independence
      organizations outside the federal building in Hato Rey.

      “This court represents the interests of the empire and they will
      faithfully follow the orders of Washington, but we are going to fight all
      the legal battles so he can remain here,” expressed the accused’s brother,
      Osvaldo González Claudio. He added that he hopes his brother will be tried
      “by his peers” and not in Connecticut.

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