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PR UN Reception/Weekend/Jericho Event

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  • ProLibertad Campaign
    The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign http://www.ProLibertadWeb.com ProLibertad@hotmail.com and ProLibertad.Campaign@gmail.com ProLibertad Hotline: 718-601-4751
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2007
      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign
      ProLibertad@... and ProLibertad.Campaign@...
      ProLibertad Hotline: 718-601-4751


      ProLibertad is calling on all our allies to join us �Rican Weekend (June
      9th-10th) as we hand out literature on Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican
      Political Prisoners!!

      Thousands of Boricuas are waiting to learn more about the Puerto Rican
      Indpendence movement!!


      SATURDAY June 9th, 2007 at 10am El Barrio Festival Meet
      ProLibertad at 339 e116th St.
      (btwn. 1st-2nd Aves.) Light Blue Building

      SUNDAY June 10th, 2007 at 10am
      National Puerto Rican Day Parade
      Meet us on the corner of e45th St. and 3rd Avenue. Look for the ProLibertad

      LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE GOING TO JOIN US: Call ProLibertad at 718-601-4751 or
      email: ProLibertad@...

      FREE PUERTO RICO: End Colonialism NOW!!

      Thurs. June 14, 2007 at 6:30pm at Hunter College West Building 2nd Floor
      Room 217
      E68th St. and Lexington Avenue (Take the #6 train to E68th St.)

      Donation: $10 or your best offer (no one will be turned away)

      Join the ProLibertad Freedom Campaign for our annual Reception/Forum for the
      Puerto Rico Delegation of the United Nations De-Colonization Committee

      Every year a Delegation from Puerto Rico comes to the United Nations to
      testify to the U.N. De-Colonization Committee; to make the case for the
      liberation of Puerto Rico, Vieques and the release of the Puerto Rican
      Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War.

      This delegation is made up of various activists from the different
      organizations throughout Puerto Rico that fight for the independence of
      Puerto Rico.

      This reception/forum is an opportunity for allies of the Puerto Rican
      independence movement in NYC to converse with activists from Puerto Rico!!

      Come hear updates on: Economic Crisis in Puerto Rico, Labor Struggle in
      Puerto Rico, FBI Repression of the Independence Movement

      The following organizations and individuals are invited: El Frente
      Socialista, The Island of Vieques, ProLibertad, El Partido Nacionalista
      Puertorrique�o, and many other organizations from New York and Puerto

      Join NYC Jericho & Friends for an evening dedicated to Struggles for the
      at The Brecht Forum 451 West Street (West Side Highway, between Bank &
      Bethune Streets)
      Friday, June 15, 2007
      7 to 10 p.m.

      Screening of the film
      Un Granito de Arena (A Grain of Sand)

      For over 20 years, global economic forces have been dismantling public
      education in Mexico, but always in the constant shadow of popular
      resistance. Granito de Arena is the story of that resistance, the story of
      hundreds of thousands of public schoolteachers whose grassroots, non-violent
      movement took Mexico by surprise, and who have endured brutal repression and
      incarceration in their 25-year struggle for social and economic justice in
      Mexico�s public schools.

      Speakers will include:
      Ismael Guadalupe Ortiz

      Vieques Land Struggle Activist

      Report from Chiapas

      Invited speakers on the Oaxaca struggle

      Light refreshments will be served

      For more information, call the Brecht Forum at (212) 242-4201 or
      NYC Jericho at (718) 853-0893

      A, C, E or L to 14th Street & 8th Ave, walk down 8th Ave. to Bethune, turn
      right, walk west to the river, turn left. 1, 2, 3 or 9 to 14th Street & 7th
      Ave, get off at south end of station, walk west on 12th Street to 8th Ave,
      left to Bethune, turn right, walk west to the river, turn left. PATH Train
      to Christopher Street, north on Greenwich St to Bank Street, left to the
      Sponsored by NYC Jericho: www.jerichony.org; nycjericho@...
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