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ERITREA: Reporters 'may have died in detention'

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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2006
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      > Subject: ERITREA: Reporters 'may have died in detention'
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      > ERITREA: Reporters 'may have died in detention'
      > [This report does not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations]
      > NAIROBI, 16 November (IRIN) - Three Eritrean reporters who have been in detention in
      > a remote northeastern jail for five years are believed to have died in unclear
      > circumstances, a global media freedom watchdog reported.
      > Reporters Without Borders, which has written to the Eritrean government seeking an
      > explanation, said on Tuesday that the three were being at a place called Eiraeiro.
      > "Dozens of political prisoners have disappeared into jails run by the armed forces,"
      > it added. "They include at least 13 journalists, of whom there has been no word for
      > nearly five years."
      > Eritrean officials, who declined to comment on the report, have in the past denied
      > allegations that the country holds political dissidents.
      > According to Reporters Without Boundaries, Eiraeiro, in the Sheib subzone of the
      > Northern Red Sea administrative region, holds at least 62 political prisoners,
      > including former ministers, senior officials, high-ranking military officers,
      > government opponents and eight of the 13 journalists held since a round-up in
      > September 2001. The journalists were captured by the police after the government
      > decided to "suspend" all Eritrea's privately owned media.
      > Nine of the detainees at Eiraeiro, the watchdog added, had died as a result of
      > "various illnesses, psychological pressure or suicide". Detainees in the prison are
      > chained by their hands, sleep on the ground without bed linen, have their heads
      > shaved once a month and are let out of their cells for an hour a day without being
      > allowed contact with other prisoners, Reporters Without Borders said.
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