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New Update Sept. 12th-Free the Cuban 5 Demo.

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  • Freethe5 Libertadparalos5
    The Popular Education Project to Free the Cuban 5 http://www.freethecuban5.com freethecubanfive@hotmail.com Free the Cuban 5 Hotline: 718-601-4751
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2006
      The Popular Education Project to Free the Cuban 5
      Free the Cuban 5 Hotline: 718-601-4751

      FREE THE CUBAN 5!! Rally and March to demand the freedom of the Cuban 5


      (E45th and between Lexington Ave. and 3rd Ave.) FOR A PICKET AND THEN MARCH
      TO DAG HAMERSKJOLD PLAZA (E47th St. and 1st Ave.) FOR A RALLY!!

      Leonard Weinglass, Attorney for Antonio Guerrero
      Antonio Camacho Negron, former Puerto Rican Political Prisoner
      Larry Hamm, People�s Organization for Progress
      Amina Baraka, Poet/Activist
      Statements from the Cuban 5, Cuban 5 mothers, and Ricardo Alarcon (President
      of the Cuban Parliament)


      Bring your flags, banners and noisemakers!!

      On Sept. 12th, 1998, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Laba�ino Fernando Gonzalez,
      Rene Gonzalez, and Antonio Guerrero were arrested and spent 17 months in
      solidarity confinement!! They were convicted in a politically charged trial
      in Miami in June 2001 for engaging in espionage and threatening national

      Nothing could be further from the truth!! The Cuban 5 infiltrated
      Cuban-American right-wing terrorist organizations based in Miami to monitor
      their actions and to protect the national sovereignty of their homeland Cuba
      and to safeguard the American people from terrorist actions within the
      United States.

      Join us on Tuesday Sept. 12th as we demand the freedom of these innocent

      Demand Visitation Rights for the Cuban 5!!

      Extradite CIA Agent Luis Posada Carriles!!

      For more information on the Cuban 5 Rally/March call 718-601-4751 or email

      The Popular Education Project to Free the Cuban 5, IFCO/Pastors for Peace,
      Casa de Las Am�ricas, Jericho New York City, The ProLibertad Freedom
      Campaign, The Venceremos Brigade, Jane Franklin, Cuba Solidarity New York,
      The Free Jeff Luers Support Group, Puerto Rican Alliance of Los Angeles , US
      Women & Cuba Collaboration, Queers United In Solidarity with Latin America &
      the Caribbean, New York Comittee to Free the Cuban Five, Igl�sia San Romero
      de Las Am�ricas-UCC, Padre Luis Barrios, Dr. James D. Cockcroft, World
      Council of UNESCO-Sponsored Jos� Mart� World Solidarity Project, Comit�
      Fabio Di Celmo pourles 5 (Montr�al), Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of
      Humanity, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition NYC, Alberto Loveria, Bolivarian
      Circle, Bay Area Jericho Amnesty Movement, Caribbean & Latin American
      Support Project, New Paltz, NY, Latin@s For/Por Mumia, All-African People's
      Revolutionary Party (GC)Pan African Roots, ANSWER Coalition, Young
      Socialists, Amina & Amiri Baraka, and Harry Nier, Esq., Frente Socialista de
      Puerto Rico, Frente Socialista de Puerto Rico � Comit� de Nueva York,
      Socialist Worker's Party, Mariana Nogales Molinelli, Humacao, Puerto Rico,
      Kirby MacLaurin, Mohammad Basirul Haq Sinha Chairman, We The People United
      Bangladesh, Enrique Ferro, Peace Activist for a Just Peace in the Middle
      East, Belgium, Action Center For Justice, Charlotte, NC 28210,
      GUYANESE-AMERICAN WORKERS UNITED, Dick Meyer (Individual), M. Alexander
      (Individual), Jeffrey Segal, Louisville, Ky, KarEn Presidency, Tina Flores
      of Quality Medical Relief International-World Wide Medical Team, Dr. Carl F.
      Selnes (MSgt Ret.), Walla Walla, WA, The Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring
      Southern California District, Cindy McCallum, National Director, Canadian
      Union of Postal Workers, Prairie Region, he Philadelphia Committee to Free
      the Five, Emily Coffey, Denver, Colorado, Free People's Movement &
      Revolutionary Youth, Michael Parenti, Ph.D., Zarah Little, Professor Hernan
      Lopez-Garay, University of Los Andes Venezuela, Zig Zag Young Women's
      Resource Centre Inc. Australia, Eugene Hernandez, Dorinda Moreno, hitec
      aztec communications/elders of 4 colors 4 directions, John Gilbert, U.S .
      Citizens Against War (Florence, Italy) RSU and FLC-CGIL University of
      Florence, Peoples Video Network, Sue Harris producer of Poison Dust, LEONARD
      D. SANFORD , JR. Waldorf MD, Workers International League, The Western MA
      International Action Center, Shel and Millie Plotkin, Sociologists without
      Borders � US, Erica Anthony-Benavides, Trinity University alumnus, G�nter
      Belchaus, Germany, PoetsWest J. Glenn & Barbara Evans, Seattle, DR. D. K.
      CINQUEMANI, LARGO, FL, Michael Briguglio, Malta, Leslie Feinberg, Steering
      Committee of LGBT Caucus, National Writers Union/UAW, The American-Iranian
      Friendship Committee, Michael Kuzma, Esq, Leonard Peltier's Freedom of
      Information Act (FOIA), Michael McIrvin, The British Columbia Committee for
      Human Rights in the Philippines, Veterans for Peace Chapter 32 in Miami,
      Florida, Ricardo Corrales S�enz, Erica Anthony-Benavides, Trinity University
      alumnus, Roger Dittmann California State University/Fullerton, Los Angeles
      Friends of Monthly Review, Nicholas Camerota, Prof. of Philosophy &
      Political Theory, Springfield (Mass.) Technical Community College, Laura
      Beach, Healdsburg, CA , DR. D. K. CINQUEMANI LARGO, FL , West 104 Street
      Tenants Assn, Canadian Section of the Women's International League for
      Freedom (WILPF) Terry McClain, Oakland, CA, Patrick Henry Democratic Club,
      The New Black Panther Party, Worker to Worker Canada-Cuba Labour Solidarity
      Network, Center for Constitutional Rights, People�s Organization for
      El Comit� de Solidaridad con Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hilton head for Peace, South

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