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BigFeast on www.GAP-Radio.com today, 3rd September

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    Greetings Family, This past week, the final days of our second fund-raising month has been extremely exciting. Today s BigFeast is a gigantic 28 hours (nearly)
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2006

      Greetings Family,

      This past week, the final days of our second fund-raising month has been extremely exciting. Today’s BigFeast is a gigantic 28 hours (nearly) of Vital Survival Information.


      Starting at 8.00am GMT with Monday’s BigRead which included a very short report back entitled “Spot the African” from the Notting Hill Carnival which seems to be a Great European carnival nowadays. This was followed by the reading of a stunning piece by Chinweizu Chinweizu entitled: “Arab Quest for Lebensraum” an update on the Arabisation of Africa.

      Tuesday’s HealthWatch was a massive 5 hours broadcast featuring Sister Janet Stephenson whose daughter Little Janet Ellis was Stolen from her by Newham Council with the connivance of some treacherous House Negroes whose names are all mentioned in the program.


      Wednesday’s WealthCreation included a follow-up on the previous nights program which caused a lot of reaction.


      Thursday’s Innovation was an explosion with first Sister Delia Muhammad giving us the benefit of her 400+ baby experience as a Birth Companion followed by a dynamic discussion with the man himself, Dr. Kamau Kambon, explaining why the Elimination of White People is the Solution to Global Africa’s Problem.


      Friday’s Edutainment/YouthVoice started very calmly with our Home Education program which featured Young Brothers Ato in Ghana and Aaron in Jamaica explaining why Back Home Education is better than English Education but became the longest program ever broadcast on GAP-Radio at a staggering 6 Hours 25 minutes when our listeners entered the fray with issues around Neely Fuller, Racism, White People, Respect, Insults, Fear and War.


      Finally Saturday’s AfricanVoices featured a rebroadcast of three Crucial Programs on the COINTELPRO for which we have had many positive responses in the past.


      Just log in to www.GAP-Radio.com click on Activate Radio, download the player and Enjoy the Feast.


      May the Ancestors continue to guide and protect you on our way.

      Love and life

      Spartacus R.



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