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French Rioters Release Hip-Hop CD

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  • Ishaq
    French Rioters Release Hip-Hop CD C7 H16 releases G la rage et je la garde [ I have rage and i m keeping it. I m pissed and i m staying pissed... ] A quick
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      French Rioters Release Hip-Hop CD

      C7 H16 releases "G la rage et je la garde"
      ["I have rage and i'm keeping it. I'm pissed and i'm staying pissed..."]

      A quick translation of the intro of the CD (also the intro on the website):

      In the beginning of the winter, the suburbs have been set on fire and
      that's a good thing. In the middle of the urbanisation of capitalism,
      there is nothing more to hope for, nothing more to win...a lot of us
      have played with a bit of fire. (a lot have paid some joy of fire)

      Our hatred is not negotiable, from generation to generation, it's the
      same shit. Confronting the State and its representatives, those who walk
      up straight while we are slaves. That's the meaning of the rioters,
      those who have rage, those who don't want the life they're condemned to.

      Nothing new, and nothing is finished, it has only begun. The fire spread
      everywhere. And it will spread again, from itself, because this revolt
      is more profound than any word of order.

      Available for 5€ from:
      Pas même t'y crois production
      17/19 rues des Bauves
      95200 Sarcelles

      Or you can download it for free at:

      Stay Strong

      -"I testified/My mama cried/Black people died/When the other man lied"
      -- chuck d

      "Be a friend to the oppressed and an enemy to the oppressor"
      --Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib (as)
      "We restate our commitment to the peace process. But we will not submit
      to a process of humiliation."
      --patrick o'neil
      "...we have the responsibility to make no deal with the oppressor"
      --harry belafonte
      "...in time, we will look back to this age with incredulity and
      amazement -- and victories like Hamas in Israel will be the *best* of
      our memories." -- mumia abu jamal -- "what state? what union?"

      "...these people generate wars in Asia and Africa,...These are the
      people who, in the last century, caused several devastating wars. In one
      world war alone, they killed over 60 million people.... In the near
      future, Allah willing, we will put you to trial in courts established by
      the peoples...."-- mahmoud ahmadinejad
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