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Nat Turner #1 comic

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  • Ishaq
    http://popcultureshock.com/features.php?id=1400 Nat Turner #1 winner, Best Cover The only regret I have over Kyle Baker s Nat Turner winning the big prize is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2006
      book review chua http://popcultureshock.com/features.php?id=1400

      Nat Turner #1
      winner, Best Cover

        The only regret I have over Kyle Baker’s Nat Turner winning the big prize is that the book itself has not finished yet. I understand that self-publishing is a costly endeavor and he has bills to pay, especially since Plastic Man got cancelled (which is why he’s taking all this work from Marvel lately, no doubt). As of the June 2006 Previews (for books coming out in August), issues three and four still have not been re-solicited, and I’ll be honest, this is quite disappointing for those of us eager to read the end of what has been a fantastic and expertly illustrated story. All any of us can do, though, is continue to wait and hope that it’ll be finished before the end of the year.

      Going the self-publishing route after a long and productive career doing both work-for-hire and creator-owned work with a number of established publishers had to have been a tremendous risk for Baker, but he did it at just the right time, I think, and given the reception both Nat Turner and The Bakers have received, he’s lost nothing in terms of popularity. Plus, he’s expanded into the merchandising and animation realms. You should’ve seen his table at the New York Comic-Con; he had a laptop computer where he could show off an animated version of The Bakers that looked both classic and modern at the same time. He also had tons of little Bakers action figures; little figurines of his family the way he draws them in his comic. They were adorable!

      My point is that putting together all of this stuff costs money, and if it means he has to put Nat Turner on hold temporarily (not to mention The Bakers, too) in order to pay for it all, well, that’s unfortunate but I can understand why it’d be necessary. And Baker has said on more than one occasion that he feels it’s important that a book about breaking free from slavery should be self-published, i.e., not work-for-hire. So there’s that as well. Here’s hoping he’s able to see it through to the end.

      Thanks to all my fabulous judges, including our own Guy here at PCS, for helping me pick the winners.

      I hope you’ll come out to the MoCCA Art Festival this year. Once again it’ll be at the Puck Building here in New York, June 10-11, and for all the hype around the New York Comic-Con (and as good as it was), this, to me, remains the definitive New York comic book convention for the 21st century.
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