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      For Immediate Release

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      Set for

      JULY 21 to AUGUST 2, 2006

      March 15, 2006: Black people from around the world, Afro-descendants,
      African Descendants, Afrikan Americans, Afrikan Ascendants, and
      Afrikans by the various names they call themselves will gather in
      Accra, the capital city of Ghana, from July 21st to August 2, 2006 for
      an International Conference. The theme: Create the Future!
      Transformation, Reparations, Repatriation, and Reconciliation.

      Ghana is ideal for such an important conference. As Pan African
      reparations work used to be at the heart of the local, national, and
      international policies pursued by the government of its first
      president, Osagyefo Kwame Nkruma with the support of great historic
      figures like W.E.B. Dubois, Aime Ashford Garvey, Malcolm X, George
      Padmore, Ras Makonnen, Franz Fanon, John Henrick Clarke among others.
      We welcome the continuity of efforts in this direction by Ghanaian
      progressive forces at home and abroad, and applaud the support of the
      current government of President J.A. Kuffour for the Joseph Project.

      The conference was called to assess the Global Pan African reparations
      movement as preparations are being made not only to celebrate the 50th
      Anniversary of the 1957 Proclamation of the Independence of Ghana, but
      also for the commemoration of the Bicentenary of the British Abolition
      of the Slave Trade Act of 1807. The year 2007 will mark 200 years
      since the British Empire officially ended the trafficking in captive
      Africans for enslavement throughout the British Empire. For the United
      States, the year is 2008. After wresting its freedom from Britain and
      declaring itself a new nation, the founding fathers protected its
      international practice of trafficking in African captives until 1808
      by codifying it in the U.S. Constitution. U.S. domestic trafficking
      and forced breeding to offset the loss from international trafficking
      continued until 1865, almost a century.

      The conditions in Africa, and for dispersed Africans, for the past
      1000 years, are rooted in greed, and the continuous gang-raping of
      Africa by Arabs, Europeans, fortune hunters, and purveyors of assorted
      religions that enjoy the political and military backing of their
      governments, says Bankie of the GAC, Namibia. Sababu Shabaka, Co-Chair
      of the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America's
      International Affairs Commission (NIAC), asks, rhetorically, "Where
      are we in the USA on the eve of the 200 Anniversary? For the naked
      truth, we need only look at the shameful unnecessary loss of lives
      during Hurricane Katrina as officials watched and dared others to
      help, and then criminalized those who helped themselves. We need only
      look at the concentration camps called prisons, the disparate drug and
      death sentencing, and the flooding of drugs and guns in our
      impoverished communities"

      How does one acknowledge the occasion that speaks to the Maafa,
      Maangamizi-Holocaust of African Enslavement? "Some of us have
      personally committed to a Material Fast. We will buy Black and abstain
      from buying anything except absolute necessities until the end of
      2008. We honour the lives of those sacrificed on the alter of greed
      and materialism by creating a future worthy of the 1000 years of pain,
      suffering and sacrifice. This conference is a step in creating that
      future," says Queen Mother Dorothy Benton Lewis, former National
      Co-Chair of N'COBRA and North American Regional Co-Representative to
      the GAC. "It is the imperative of people of good will everywhere to
      expose the whole truth and ensure that those responsible are held
      accountable for the worst and longest running crime against humanity
      in human history. With an understanding of that history, people will
      understand that our contemporary experience is just a continuum of the
      same," says Raushana Karriem of All for Reparations and Emancipation

      Esther Stanford, of the Pan Afrikan Reparations Coalition of Europe
      (PARCOE), states "International law recognizes that those who commit
      crimes against humanity must make reparations, restitution,
      compensation, damages and all the necessary legal redress. Yet the
      governments, companies and families of the USA, Canada, and all of
      Europe whose wealth is directly related to the chattel, colonial and
      neo-colonial enslavement of Africans from the past into the present,
      are silent on the issue, and will remain silent until we force the
      truth out in the open."

      According to Kwaku Duren of the New Black Panther Vanguard, an
      Co-sponsor, "We are looking forward to promoting a dialogue within the
      reparations movement about "international capital" and its origins,
      the demise of capitalism as we know it, and the new world-wide
      movement for a "new economic order. A key expected outcome is
      world-wide programmatic framework, or simply a "Plan," which would
      allow the International Reparations Movement to develop and coordinate
      mutually supportive activities and tasks that promote Transformation,
      Reparations, Repatriation, and Reconciliation among continental
      Africans and Afro-descendants throughout the Diaspora."

      Kofi Mawuli Klu of the Pan-Afrikan Forum of Ghana, (PAFOG), UK chapter
      says, "This conference will be an eye opener in showing African people
      that we are one family in the Continent and the Diaspora in our fight
      against a common oppressor. This conference will demonstrate that
      without true reparations and Pan-African unity in this contemporary
      world of heightening imperialist globalisation, there is no viable
      solution to any problems faced by continental and Diasporan Afrikans
      in all spheres of life at local, national, and international levels.
      We will develop an action plan which will be influential in asserting
      to the African Union and our other representatives that the best
      representation and accountability are required from them internally
      and on the world stage."

      "We are also planning visits to historic sites in Ghana and Benin
      including the Slave Castles where Europeans kept Africans in Dungeons,
      in sub-human conditions before transporting them to Europe and the
      Americas. We are busy promoting the conference and mobilizing
      community organizations to participate in this historic event." says
      Sistah IMAHKUS of One Africa, another Pan Afrikan organization, and
      author of Returning Home Ain't Easy, But It Sure Is A Blessing.

      Sistah IMAHKUS is a repatriated African Ascendant born in the USA. She
      further stated, "We as Afrikans born in the Americas (North America,
      Europe, South America & the Caribbean) are returning to one of the
      scenes of the crimes perpetuated against our families, friends and
      loved ones. The gravitational pull of Ascendants of African ancestors
      lost and kidnapped during the Trans-Atlantic Arab European Slave
      Trade, will be returning in their numbers to continue to plan and
      demand restitution for the crimes against Mother Africa and her
      children; crimes against humanity."

      Nana Gypei III, of SUCARDIF, an indigenous Pan African organization
      based in Ghana, and Co-Facilitator of the Conference: "Through the
      Tower of Return Monument Project, we wish to show the world that
      Africa wants its sons and daughters to return home mentally,
      spiritually, and economically. The Ghana Government is launching the
      Joseph Project, which is an invitation to the African Diaspora of
      descendants of enslaved Africans to return to Africa through Ghana.
      This Global Pan Afrikan Reparations Conference will bring together
      some of the best minds in the reparations movement from the African
      Diaspora and the continent. We are calling on the African Union
      leadership, Director of African Affairs, as well as African
      originations worldwide to come and be part of this Conference.

      Individuals and organizations that support the aims of the conference
      are requested to support the cost of the conference whether or not in
      attendance. Donors will be listed. Those who wish to be Co-Sponsors
      will be invited to participate on the planning committee. The
      comprehensive logistical planning is in its final stages and
      arrangements will be announced shortly. Transportation, accommodations
      and estimated living costs will be made available to all of the area
      coordinating teams for local distribution. Please contact Queen
      Mother Dorothy Benton Lewis (240-277-5140) or Sababu Shabaka at
      410-979-9558. Donations and Co-Sponsorship may be made payable to
      NCOBRA-Ghana 2006. P.O. Box 90604, Washington, DC 20090-0604. In
      Ghana, contact Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III at 777 One Power Station
      P.O. Box CT 732 Cape Coast Ghana. Cell 011 233 20 833 5571 or 011 233
      243 834032.
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