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Jan. 2006 Political Prisoner Events

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  • ProLibertad Campaign
    The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign http://www.prolibertadweb.com ProLibertad@hotmail.com Bronx 718-601-4751 Manhattan 212-927-9065 New Jersey 201-435-3244
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006
      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign
      Bronx 718-601-4751
      Manhattan 212-927-9065
      New Jersey 201-435-3244

      This ProLibertad Freedom Campaign Activity Digest consists of the following:

      1. Oscar Lopez Rivera's 63rd Birthday Announcement.

      2. Vieques Political Prisoner Jose Velez Acosta isgoing to be free Jan.
      27th, 2006 Announcement.

      3. Assata/Cuban5/Filiberto Ojeda Rios Event in Harlem.

      4. Sat. Jan. 7th, 2006 Support the Return of Basque Political Prisoners to
      Euskal Herrira
      from the French & Spanish States

      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is calling on all our allies and supporters
      to join us in wishing Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera a

      On January 6th, 2006, Oscar will be turning 63 years old!! We encourage all
      freedom-loving people to write to Oscar and let him know that people are
      thinking of him.

      Oscar Lopez Rivera
      U.S. Penitentiary
      P.O. Box 12015
      Terre Haute, IN 47801

      Oscar Lopez Rivera was born in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico on January 6,
      1943. At the age of 12, he moved to Chicago with his family. He was a
      well-respected community activist and a prominent independence leader for
      many years prior to his arrest. Oscar was one of the founders of the Rafael
      Cancel Miranda High School, now known as the Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High
      School and the Juan Antonio Corretjer Puerto Rican Cultural Center. He was a
      community organizer for the Northwest Community Organization (NCO), ASSPA,
      ASPIRA and the 1st Congregational Church of Chicago. He helped to found
      FREE, (a half-way house for convicted drug addicts) and ALAS (an educational
      program for Latino prisoners at Stateville Prison in Illinois).

      He was active in various community struggles, mainly in the area of health
      care, employment and police brutality. He also participated in the
      development of the Committee to Free the Five Puerto Rican Nationalists. In
      1975, he was forced underground, along with other comrades. He was captured
      on May 29, 1981, after 5 years of being persecuted by the FBI as one of the
      most feared fugitives from US "justice".

      Oscar, who has a daughter named Clarissa, is currently serving a 55-year
      sentence for seditious conspiracy and other charges. He was convicted of
      conspiracy to escape along with Jaime Delgado, (a veteran independence
      leader), Dora Garcia, (a prominent community activist) and Kojo
      Bomani-Sababu, a New Afrikan political prisoner.

      Oscar was one of 12 Puerto Rican political prisoners offered some form of
      leniency by the Clinton Administration in the fall of 1999. According to the
      Chicago Sun Times, he "declined the president's offer, which still would
      have him left with 10 years to serve on conspiracy to escape charges. Now he
      faces at least 20 more years in prison. His sister, Zenaida Lopez, said he
      turned the offer down because he would be on parole. 'Accepting what they
      are offering him is like prison outside of prison,' she said. Zenaida Lopez
      said her brother 'was in total agreement' with the decision of the 11 others
      to take the conditional clemency." Oscar is presently in prison in Terre
      Haute, Indiana and his release date is 7/27/2027.

      Vieques Political Prisoner Jose Velez Acosta is scheduled to be released on
      Jan. 27th, 2006 from prison. We encourage people to write to Jose as well
      and to wish him a happy and speedy reintegration back into society.

      Jose Velez Acosta #23883-069
      Jose Velez Acosta has family in Puerto Rico and the Bronx. He has three
      daughters who live with their mother in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was
      sentenced to 33 months in jail. He will be released on 1/27/2006.

      Jos� A. V�lez Acosta
      FCC United States Penitentiary
      P.O. Box 1033
      Coleman, Florida 33521-1033


      Friday January 20th, 2006 at 7pm St. Mary�s Episcopal Church 521 W126th St.
      (btwn. Amsterdam Ave. and Broadway)
      Take the 1 or 9 train to W125th St. and Broadway

      As the U.S. government continues its terrorist and repressive occupation of
      Iraq, it has also waged a war against freedom fighters and revolutionaries
      in the U.S.

      In the past year, the U.S. government has increased the bounty on Assata
      Shakur and added her name to the domestic terrorist list, has intervened in
      the case of the Cuban 5 in order to undo the decision of the 11th Circuit
      Court for a retrial, and masterminded the political assassination of Puerto
      Rican revolutionary leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios!!

      Join The Popular Education Project to Free the Cuban 5, Hands off Assata
      Coalition and the ProLibertad Freedom Campaign for a night of discussion and
      dialogue about U.S. terrorism and repression in our communities.

      Benjamin Ramos, Popular Education Project to Free the Cuban 5
      Frank Velgara, The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign
      Desiree Gordon, Hands off Assata Coalition

      Saturday, January 7, 2006

      Solidarity Picket to Support the Return of Basque Political Prisoners to
      Euskal Herrira from the French & Spanish States

      Permanent Mission of Spain to the UN 823 UN Plaza (345 E. 46th St.)

      11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

      Join NYC Jericho, ProLibertad and others in supporting the Basque people's
      to bring the Basque Prisoners to the Basque Country

      For more information, please call 718-220-6004

      Basque Society Moves for Prisoners' Rights

      On Saturday, Nov. 26 2005, representatives of 29 Basque political, trade
      union, and social organizations met at the Ibaeta University Campus in
      Donostia in order to address the issue of Basque Political Prisoners.

      They agreed on a document denouncing the consequences of the policy of
      prisoner dispersal and demanding the Spanish and French governments
      recognize the representatives of the political prisoners and engage with
      them so that the Basque Political Prisoners Collective (EPPK) may take part
      in the ongoing political process. They agree that supporting the prisoners'
      rights is an essential step towards conflict resolution. The manifesto will
      be put to public institutions as a motion.

      They also made a joint call to demonstrate on Jan. 7, 2006 in Bilbo, under
      the banner of "Euskal Presoak Euskal Herrira, Dagozkien Eskubideen Jabe"
      (Bring the Basque Prisoners to the Basque Country, Acknowledge Their Rights)

      On behalf of the Basque Pro-Amnesty movement and the organizations at the
      Ibaeta Forum, we ask that, together with the broad representation of Basque
      society, you support the demonstration.
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