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St. Augustine was referring to what "religion", in YOUR opinion...

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  • solomon abdul-Rahman
    Subject: Re: St. Augustine was referring to what religion , in YOUR opinion... if NOT pre-extant Egyptian religion? ... that, When I read the proceedings,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2005
      Subject:  Re: St. Augustine was referring to what "religion", in YOUR opinion...

      if NOT pre-extant Egyptian religion?

      --- In solomonsfacts@yahoogroups.com, solomon abdul-Rahman
      <solomon_abdulrahman@y...> wrote:

      > St. Augustine stated about the conference of Nicea in 325 AD
      that, "When I read the proceedings, it makes me laugh. These people
      are trying to give us a religion we had >>>three thousand years
      <<<." St. Augustine WAS/IS the most influential Saint in
      Catholocism's history. He was an African and he is the reason for the
      adoption of certain beliefs and structures in Christianity (Along
      side Tertillun and Cyperian).
      Mr. "imhotep"
      > "...the thing in itself of which it is the name, for the thing
      > itself, which
      > is now called the Christian religion, >>>really was known to the
      > Writings of St. Augustine, Volume 2, page 12
      > I opened or began this essay with a quote from St.
      > Augustine, a person that many "Christians" know nothing about. They
      > would be surprised to know that St. Augustine was African (Black)
      > that most of the early "Fathers" of Christianity were Black.
      > Christians would be perplexed by St. Augustine's statement,
      > that "which is now called the Christian religion, really was known
      > the ancients..." St. Augustine was born in
      North Africa (today's
      > Algeria). He lived between 354-430 A.D. If St. Augustine is right,
      > that a religion was known to ancient people similar
      > to "Christianity," then what was the name of that religion?
      > Mr. Ahmed K. El-Shabazz
      > Nation of Islam
      > "...Throughout Europe there remain a number of places of worship
      > feature paintings, statues and frescoes of a dark-skinned Jesus and
      > mother Mary such as the cathedral of Moulins in France, the Church
      > Annunciata, the Church of St. Stephen at Genoa, the St. Francisco at
      > Pisa, the Church of St. Theodore at Munich, etc. ORIGNALLY POSTED
      > WHY IS THIS?
      > * The Christian Madonna is copied from the Egyptian Madonna.
      > Worshiped
      > in Egypt & Rome, Black Isis & Horus her son was the model for the
      > worship
      > of the Madonna & Christ. Millions of whites worship the
      > Madonna &
      > Christ, found in Europe's most venerated shrines (formerly the sites
      > of
      > temples of Isis). Titles such as Our Lady, The Great Mother, are the
      > same titles attributed to Isis. The word "Madonna" itself is from
      > the
      > mater domina, a title used for Isis!
      > ...that in all the Romish countries of Europe, in
      > France, Italy, Germany, &c., the God Christ, as well as his mother,
      > are described in their old pictures and statues to be black. The
      > infant God in the arms of his black mother, his eyes and drapery
      > white, is himself perfectly black. ..There is scarcely an old
      church in Italy were some remains of the
      > worship of the BLACK VIRGIN and BLACK CHILD are not to be met with.
      > Very often the black figures have given way to white ones, and in
      > these cases the black ones, as being held sacred, were put into
      > retired places in the
      churches, but were not destroyed, but are yet
      > to be found there. ... They are generally esteemed .
      > by the rabble with
      > the most profound veneration
      > If the author had wished to invent a circumstance to corroborate the
      > assertion, that the Romish Christ of Europe is the Cristna of India,
      > how could he have desired anything more striking than the fact of
      > black Virgin and Child being so common in the Romish countries of
      > Europe ? A black virgin and child among the white Germans, Swiss,
      > French, and Italians ! ! !
      > The Romish Cristna is black in India, black in Europe, and black he
      > must remain´┐Żlike the ancient gods of Greece, as we have just seen.
      > But, after all, what was he but the Jupiter, the second person of
      > their Trimurti or Trinity, the Logos of Parmenides and Plato, an
      > incarnation or emanation of the solar power ?
      > Excert from Anacalypsis by Mr. Godrey

       Your most sincere and loyal servant
      suleiman = wise   abdul = slave of
      Rahman = The Benificent or The Doer of Good
      so, the wise slave of, The Doer of Good
      "Pluto sits out there, but still just a touch of the Sun moves her."

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