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Massey is not telling the truth, WHETHER or NOT you agree.- Mr. Osirica

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  • solomon abdul-Rahman
    I am aware that some of you are Christians. If after reading Mr. Massey s essay, The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ , you do not believe he is telling
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2005
      I am aware that some of you are Christians.  If after reading Mr. Massey's essay, "The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ", you do not believe he is telling the truth, by all means I encourage you to take a firm hold of Christianity.  If you do not believe him, please, post why...
      I do not believe Mr. Massey simpy "made this up".

      "Eighteen centuries are a long while in the life-time of a lie, but a
      brief span in the eternity of Truth. The Fiction is sure to be found
      out, and the Lie will fall at last! At last! At last!!! " Gerald Massey's
      Originally published in a private edition c. 1900
      The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ


      (All necessary references to the original authorities may be found in the
      Author's "Natural Genesis.")

      In presenting my readers with some of the data which show that much of the
      Christian History was pre-extant as Egyptian Mythology. I have to ask you to
      bear in mind that the facts, like other foundations, have been buried out of
      sight for thousands of years in a hieroglyphical language, that was never really
      read by Greek or Roman, and could not be read until the lost clue was discovered
      by Champollion, almost the other day! In this way the original sources of our
      Mytholatry and Christology remained as hidden as those of the Nile, until the
      century in which we live. The mystical matter enshrouded in this language was
      sacredly entrusted to the keeping of the buried dead, who have faithfully
      preserved it as their Book of Life, which was placed beneath their pillows, or
      clasped to their bosoms, in their coffins and their tombs.

      Secondly, although I am able to read the hieroglyphics, nothing offered to you
      is based on my translation. I work too warily for that! The transcription and
      literal rendering of the hieroglyphic texts herein employed are by scholars of
      indisputable authority. There is no loophole of escape that way.
      I lectured upon
      the subject of Jesus many years ago. At that time I did not know how we had been
      misled, or that the "Christian scheme" (as it is aptly called) in the New
      Testament is a fraud, founded on a fable in the Old!

      I then accepted the Canonical Gospels as containing a veritable human history,
      and assumed, as others do, that the history proved itself. Finding that Jesus,
      or Jehoshua Ben-Pandira, was an historical character, known to the Talmud, I
      made the common mistake of


      supposing that this proved the personal existence of the Jesus found portrayed
      in the Canonical Gospels.
      But after you have heard my story, and weighed the
      evidence now for the first time collected and presented to the public, you will
      not wonder that I should have changed my views, or that I should be impelled to
      tell the truth to others, as it now appears to myself;
      although I am only able
      to summarize here, in the briefest manner possible, a few of the facts that I
      have dealt with exhaustively elsewhere....


       Your most sincere and loyal servant
      suleiman = wise   abdul = slave of
      Rahman = The Benificent or The Doer of Good
      so, the wise slave of, The Doer of Good
      "Pluto sits out there, but still just a touch of the Sun moves her."

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