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Despierta Boricua/Support PP Actions

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    The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign http://www.ProLibertadWeb.com ProLibertad@hotmail.com Bronx 718-601-4751 Manhattan 212-927-9065 New Jersey 201-435-3244
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2005
      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign
      Bronx 718-601-4751
      Manhattan 212-927-9065
      New Jersey 201-435-3244

      Despierta Boricua is a weekly fifteen minute Radio segment produced for WBAI
      99.5 FM Friday Morning Wake UP Call by The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign.
      Despierta Boricua airs at 6:45am, but is subject to re-scheduling depending
      on the Station�s needs.

      Despierta Boricua is dedicated to providing the New York City listening
      audience with the latest news and updates on Puerto Rican politics and
      culture from U.S. based Puerto Rican communities and the island of Puerto

      This week's segment features an interview with Roberto Borrero of the United
      Confederation of Taino People; we will discussing the work the UCTP does at
      the United Nations and the state of the Taino nation in Puerto Rico and the
      United States. Fore more information on the UCTP go to This week�s segment
      will include an interview with Dr. Jorge Colon of the University of Puerto
      Rico-Rio Piedras, who will be talking about an upcoming De-Militarization
      conference in Puerto Rico and how the de-Militarization movement is growing
      in Puerto Rico.

      Tune in every week to Despierta Boricua, whether you receive a reminder or
      not, 6:45am WBAI 99.5fm or via webstream, for those of you outside of NYC,


      Sunday, January 16, 2005
      The following is a message from Nazomi Ikuta, a compa�era who has been
      essential in doing political prisoner work in the religious community for
      many years.

      On Friday [January 14], Rev. Jose "Viejo" Torres, pastor emeritus of the
      First Congregational Church in Chicago, father of Puerto Rican political
      prisoner Carlos Alberto Torres and husband of released political prisoner
      Alejandrina Torres, was admitted to Rush Hospital in Chicago. After running
      some tests they found tumors in his brain, along with cancer in his hip. He
      is being treated with steroids now to reduce inflammation and will begin
      radiation treatments during the week. As you may know he has been suffering
      from several other health problems but this adds an additional level of
      stress to his situation. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and
      prayers. Cards may be sent to:

      Rev. Jose Torres
      2724 W. Potomac
      Chicago, IL 60622
      Biography of Rev. Jos� Alberto Torres

      Rev. Jos� Alberto Torres (El Viejo) was born on June 9, 1923 in Ponce,
      Puerto Rico. He completed his academic and theological studies in 1949, at
      the Interamerican University in San German and the Evangelical Seminary of
      Puerto Rico. In 1959, Rev. Torres was called by the Congregational Church in
      New York to work with the Hispanic community at Martha Memorial Evangelical
      and Reform Church in Manhattan. In 1962, Rev. Torres was called by the
      Community Renewal Society of Chicago to minister the growing Hispanic
      community at First Congregational Church of Chicago. During that time, Rev.
      Torres was interim director of Casa Central and an active participant of the
      Urban Training Center, two entities that were housed and supported by the
      First Congregational Church of Chicago. In 1990, Rev. Torres retires and is
      officially granted the status of Pastor Emeritus by the First Congregational
      Church of Chicago.

      Rev. Torres was interim director of Casa Central and an active participant
      of the Urban Training Center, two entities that were housed and supported by
      the First Congregational Church of Chicago. In 1990, Rev. Torres retires and
      is officially granted the status of Pastor Emeritus by the First
      Congregational Church of Chicago.

      Rev. Torres was instrumental in involving the Church in the issues that were
      affecting the Puerto Rican community at the time. Issues that ranged from
      residential displacement as a result of the urban renewal project, to better
      housing, education, employment and community rights and presentation in
      local politics.

      Since his involvement with the United Church of Christ, the First Church has
      actively participated in support of civil and human rights issues of the
      Puerto Rican community and other under represented minorities. Rev. Torres
      marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma, Alabama in 1964 and was part
      of a group of ministers to bring Dr. King�s civil rights issues to the
      Puerto Rican community in Chicago. He has worked diligently for social
      justice and in various issues in the community. He was on the organizing
      committee of the first Puerto Rican Parade and the Peoples� Parade. He was
      the founding member of the Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School, the Puerto
      Rican Cultural Center and the Committee to Free the Puerto Rican Political

      Rev. Torres has three children from a previous marriage, Carlos Alberto
      Torres (one of the remaining political prisoners), Norma and Nidza. He
      married Alejandrina in 1964 and has two children, Lisa and Catalina.


      St. Mary's Church - 521 West 126th St. (corner of Old Broadway) Take the 1
      or 9 to 125th street

      Come celebrate the life of Henry ShaSha Brown with music, food, poetry and
      guest speakers: $5 donation at the door

      Guest Speakers will include:

      Gerald Lefcourt, Esq. Peoples' Lawyer
      Shujaa Graham, Former Political Prisoner and Anti-Death Penalty Advocate
      Herman Ferguson, Former Political Prisoner and
      member of the OAAU (Malcolm X's organization)
      Kathleen Cleaver, Esq, Former Communications
      Secretary of the Black Panther Party
      Asha Bandele, writer and activist with the Malcolm X
      Grassroots Movement

      Who is Henry ShaSha Brown: He is a husband, father, uncle brother, friend,
      comrade and freedom fighter in the Black liberation movement. He is also a
      former political prisoner who served more than 14 years. ShaSha has
      dedicated his adult life to the liberation and struggle of oppressed people
      and was part of the revolutionary movements in the 60's and 70s.

      Today ShaSha finds himself in need of the same support and love he offered
      when he was a soldier for his people. He is now 56 years old. He was
      recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. He has undergone surgery and is now
      receiving radiation treatment and chemotherapy. His wife Loretta is
      recovering herself from a brain aneurysm. The family medical bills (and
      other bills) are increasing at this time when neither of them are able to

      Your help is needed to support this community hero. All donations are tax
      deductible. All checks should be written to IFCO and mailed in care of the
      Malcolm X Grassroots Movement to 388 Atlantic Ave., 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, New
      York 11217

      Sign an online petition in support of the immediate parole of Leonard


      Invite others to sign the petition (see the links on the right side bar & at
      the bottom of the petition page), Or create & circulate your own hard copy
      petition. The text of the parole petition follows.


      Convicted in connection with the deaths on June 26, 1975, of two agents of
      the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Leonard Peltier has served nearly 30
      years in federal prison despite proof that he was convicted on the basis of
      fabricated & suppressed evidence, as well as coerced testimony.

      In violation of the U.S. Constitution & the government's own congressionally
      mandated guidelines, Peltier has been denied fair consideration for parole.
      On February 1, 1994, the U.S. Parole Commission determined that Leonard
      Peltier would not be considered for parole for 15 years, or until December
      2008, after a total imprisonment of 394 months. This amount is more than
      twice the 188+ months to be served based on Mr. Peltier's aggregate
      guideline range. Further, the U.S. Parole Commission has failed to provide
      parole dates "consistent with the applicable parole guideline" to all "old
      system" prisoners, including Leonard Peltier, as mandated by Congress in the
      Sentencing Reform Act of 1984.

      We, the undersigned, support justice & human rights for all people of all
      nations; recognize that the U.S. courts, by their decisions, have recognized
      the undisputed misconduct in Peltier's case, yet have failed to take
      corrective action; determine the U.S. government's handling of the Peltier
      case as a clear abuse of the legal standards of American justice; & do
      hereby call for justice for Leonard Peltier in the form of an immediate
      grant of parole.


      Completed hard copy petitions should be mailed to the Leonard Peltier
      Defense Committee:




      David has now been cleared of his murder charge, but after all his unfair
      treatment, INS is going to DEPORT him!! This is unjust!

      Please go to the website link below, and sign! it will only take a moment,
      and it truly means a lot. Thank you for your support.

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