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    [IPSM] NFB film: NEIL STONECHILD INQUIRY Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movment - Montreal ipsm at resist.ca Mon Dec 6 17:12:08 PST 2004 NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2004
      Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movment - Montreal ipsm at resist.ca
      Mon Dec 6 17:12:08 PST 2004

      Nov. 18 2004

      The National Film Board of Canada announces that the national broadcast
      premiere of Two Worlds Colliding, written and directed by Tasha Hubbard,
      airs on CBC Newsworld's Rough Cuts Thursday, December 9 and Saturday,
      December 11 at 10pm and 1 am ET/PT.

      Two Worlds Colliding chronicles the painful story of what came to be known
      as Saskatoon's infamous "freezing deaths," and the schism between a
      fearful, mistrustful Aboriginal community and a police force that must
      come to terms with a shocking secret.

      "This is an important time for Saskatoon - and Canada - as this is an
      ongoing conflict, and at the heart of the conflict is denial and
      misunderstanding of the First Nations' urban experience," said Hubbard, a
      Cree adopted into a non-aboriginal family with a policing tradition. "I
      think this film gives people a chance to hear from those most affected -
      the families and the police themselves. It gives context to the reports we
      hear in the media about the Stonechild inquiry. It's the story behind the
      accusations and the findings."

      One bone-chilling January night in 2000, Aboriginal man Darrell Night was
      dumped in the outskirts of Saskatoon by two police officers. He was
      stunned to hear that the frozen body of another Aboriginal man had been
      discovered in the same remote area. A few days later another body was
      found, just a few hundred metres away. When Night stepped forward, he set
      into motion a chain of events that included a major RCMP investigation,
      the conviction of the two officers, and an inquiry to determine whether
      police had any involvement in an old case - the 1990 freezing death of
      Neil Stonechild.

      In this documentary, Night recounts his ordeal in a rare interview. The
      parents of Lawrence Wegner, one of the dead men, poignantly talk about the
      answers they seek. The sergeant who first believes Night's story and a
      former RCMP officer brought in as a special investigator reveal the shame
      they feel for their profession surrounding such incidents. Another police
      chief is brought in to lead the Saskatoon force, but it remains to be seen
      whether the gulf between two worlds can ever be bridged.

      Last month, the Neil Stonechild inquiry concluded the Saulteaux teen found
      frozen to death outside Saskatoon in 1990, had been in the custody of
      Constables Brad Senger and Larry Hartwig the night he died. Police chief
      Russ Sabo accepted the findings of the Inquiry and on Nov. 12, 2004 he
      fired the two police officers from the Saskatoon Police Service. Senger
      and Hartwig are appealing the decision.

      Two Worlds Colliding is produced by Bonnie Thompson from the NFB's North
      West Centre in Edmonton. The film is Hubbard's directorial debut and part
      of the NFB's Aboriginal Filmmaking Program.

      Now in its 65th year, the National Film Board of Canada has produced more
      than 10,000 films and other audiovisual works, and won more than 4,500
      awards - including 10 OscarsR. As Canada's public film producer, the NFB
      produces and distributes distinctive, culturally diverse, challenging and
      relevant audiovisual works that provide Canada and the world with a unique
      Canadian perspective. To purchase NFB releases or for more information,
      visit www.nfb.ca or call 1-800-267-7710.


      High-resolution images can be downloaded at:
      For more information: Kirsten Andrews, NFB Media Relations
      (604) 666-1151 | cel: (604) 764-7040 | k.andrews@...

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