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interesting conversation, between two "black" immigrants...

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  • solomon abdul-Rahman
    Subject: [Ta_Seti] Re: African-American ... janitor. ... entrepreneur. ... of the city ... attended was ... kids ... secret. ... experiences ... experiences.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2004
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      Subject: [Ta_Seti] Re: African-American

      > Great article and study. I would just like to say so,ething to you
      > though. I am an African, I am from Sudan. I moved here was around 11
      > or 12, I am now 26. Before I came here I cound not reed or write. I
      > had only been to a school a few times. I have fought and seen more
      > death in one day than many of you will your whole lifes. I
      > understand that America was founded on some bad principals, but you
      > have came along way since then, we still have slavery in my country
      > as you have seen. America is a good place to live and learn freely,
      > knowledge depends on access to it. This country has great
      > educational opportubities and medicine, although it can be
      > expensive, you have it here. I dont think that Black people in
      > Amereica are displaced, you were born here, and so were your parents
      > and their parents
      and their parents, this is your home. I dont plan
      > on ever returning to Africa, I couldnt bare to see some of those
      > things again, I dont think I could hold up. If you dont like
      > America, there is plenty of room over in Africa, I know some of my
      > distant family would love to trade places with any of you, they
      > would rather live on the streets here than in a home in Sudan. Only
      > those who are thankful have something to be thankful for. Thats why
      > people have so much here, but in they minds they feel they have
      > nothing. You are blessed to even be able to write these things
      > freely and unhibited, I honestly knew some who have died for less.
      > Aaron

      >In Ta_Seti@yahoogroups.com, Imnrnnre <anpugifts@e...> wrote:
      > Greetings Aaron,
      > I'm glad you appreciated my comments. I too am an
      > immigrant who came to the U.S. as a teenager, in my
      > case, at fifteen. I too am greatly appreciative of the
      > economic opportunities and political freedoms I now
      > enjoy. The situation in my country of origin, Panama,
      > was/is very different from that which you experienced
      > in the Sudan. I did not witness anything like the deaths
      > you described until Vietnam, a country also racked by civil
      > war.
      > When we arrived here, my father was denied the right to open a
      > business because he was Black. He ended up taking a job as a
      > That after spending most of his adult life as a teacher and
      > And when we searched for a place to live, there were large parts
      of the city
      > (Middletown, Ohio) that were offlimits to us. The school I
      attended was
      > not completely segregated by race, but the White and the Black
      > (then called Negroes) were not allowed to socialize except in
      > This was not completely new to us. My family had similar
      > on the Panama Canal Zone to which this country's racism had
      > been exported right down to the segregated bathrooms, school-
      > houses, restaurants, swimming pools, jobs, payscales and so on.
      > So, you see, my views are the products of actual personal
      > Despite these limitations, I too have managed to acheive in
      > ways that would have been extremely difficult in my country
      > of origin.
      > But, let me say something to you as a fellow Black immigrant.
      > Never forget the horrendous sacrifices that Africans in this
      > country have made so that you
      can enjoy the freedoms you
      > now have. You have been here but a short time of 14 years.
      > You know little of the struggle for liberation from racism that you
      > have not seen on TV or read in books -- which for some people
      > would be sufficient with diligent study.
      > So never imply that 300 years of degradation, brutality, and
      > segregation are just in the minds people here, or worse that
      > they are a figment of people's imaginations which they stupidly
      > refuse to let go. Doing so demeans them. The effects
      > of slavery, Jim Crow racism and segregation are everywhere
      > still evident in this country for those who care to notice them.
      > If I were you, I would find ways of contributing to the struggle
      > instead of saying, as you have, If you don't like it here,
      > to Africa
      . It comes close to the canard we have heard for years
      > which is "If you don't like it here go back to Africa." I know,
      > didn't use those exact words, but I've been here long enough to
      > smell a skunk when I see one, even if it's dressed like a rabbit.
      > Raymond

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