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Fw: [CARTIERX] What Is Next For Black Folks In This World ?

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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2004
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      Subject: [CARTIERX] What Is Next For Black Folks In This World ?

      > What Is Next For Black Folks
      > By:
      > Osiris
      > Chief Elder
      > Well let me start with this question, is it not probable that Black Folks
      > in the world either have no desire or is incapable of moving on our
      > problems in the world, from a talking stage to a stage of action ?
      > Oh how eloquent we are in sighting, locating and identifying all of the
      > that ails us and yet it seem we are incapable of moving from the talking
      > stage of our complaint to the stage of action, when the enemy is some one
      > other than ourselves.
      > It can not be said that Black folks are afraid to die, nor is incapable of
      > putting up a fight that extend beyound the talking stage, because we do
      > every day among ourselves but when time come to redirect that energy
      > those we fight so compassionately against with the pen or key board and /
      > verbally,there is no upscaling of action to be gotten from Black folks and
      > wonder why are we reluctant to take the next step in our verbal reveloutio
      > ?
      > Sure we demonstrated that we were capable in the sixties to move from
      > to action but then, we were dealing with a different Black Woman and Man,
      > than we are today, yet the problem in face of the action taken in the
      > sixties was, the fight was just to make our Life better and not to
      > our Life, so here we are, complaining about the same ills that plauged us
      > the sixities and Time before, as we still are stuck on better over
      > Liberation.
      > Can it be that we really are not as disatisfied as we let on to be in our
      > talking stage of our verbal reveloution ?
      > We are the expert in presenting to the world a smorgasbord of problems
      > affect the Black life, in america, to the rest of the Diaspora, europe,
      > and at home in Afrika, and yet it seem as if we are stuck in quick sand,
      > making us immobile to take the next step in attacking the problem that
      > plauge the Black life in this world.
      > The sign that reveal how relax we are as Black people in enduring our
      > problems, is the fact that we have no interest in coming together to unify
      > our effort in resolving our ills that happen to be effective in keeping
      > disjointed as we die from the disease we suffer coming from the instigator
      > and orchstrator of our problems which cause our depressive and oppressive
      > condition in this world.
      > Yet, Yet, we have those Blacks among us who so eloquently articulate the
      > satisfaction of being in the present stage we are in as Black people in
      > world and have all of the confident that everything is all right but can
      > better if we work at making it better.
      > Life was not given on a platter of betterness, such imply that Life is in
      > less than honorable and perfect condition when presented to us, when in
      > the gift giver presented to us Life in a package full with honor, peace,
      > soverignty with justice, and now we have resolve to just making Life
      > such is the mind set of some of us Afrikans, thus become the cause of the
      > Black Life condition we now suffers.
      > So my question is a honorable and creditable one, whether we own up to it
      > not and so I ask, What Is The Next Stept Black Folks will take in this
      > world, in order to be able to experience the quality of Life as it came to
      > us from the gift giver of Life ?
      > The Afrikan is an expert in self appointing ourselves to position of high
      > esteem, yet having no authority nor power to santify such claim.
      > We proclaim our intellectualism, our Spirituality, our ranking upon this
      > planet and our construction ability regarding civilization and yet the
      > reality of our present condition is that we have nothing to call our own,
      > not even our Life, the one thing the gift giver presented to us first and
      > now we have allowed others, who have come after us, to take control of our
      > gift which first was given to us, by the gift giver, Life that I speak of
      > and now our only desire is to make it better, how foolish and weak have
      > Afrikan become, before those who control our Life, at this Time.
      > The Afrikan squabble, we demoralize each other, we run the white man game
      > each other, we master the art of self criticism, we despise ourselves, yet
      > is to show extreme compassion to those who oppress us, we kill and mangle
      > each other, as we show nothing but fear mixed with love for those
      > responsible for us being in such a deprived mental state.and all we want
      > now, is to make our Life better, such is a sign of a beaten and weak
      > Nation,who have surrendered to just attempting to make our Life better
      > wherever we are in the Diaspora, europe, asia, and Afrika.
      > The soverignty of Life, Freedom, the Spiritualness of Hue -Man Rights,
      > Independence, Justice, and the sacredness of self determination and the
      > Unity of a Nation is no longer the desire of the Afrikan Nation, so yes I
      > ask of you dear beloved, What Is Next For BlackFolks In This World ?
      > Is it just more of the same of what we are presently getting or will we
      > from the stage of our talking reveloution to the stage of a more physical
      > reveloutionary action,using any means neccessary to reclaim control of our
      > Life, as so it was in the beginning of our coming upon this planet.
      > What is next Black Woman And Man, what is next in regaing control and
      > respect for our Life or do we resolve to just making Life better, wherever
      > we are in this world, which secure it to be suffering as usual for the
      > Life in this world, never no more to taste the sweetness of our Life free
      > spirit ?
      > It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!
      > We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!
      > Completely Loving The Carbon Afrikan Nation.
      > Hoteph
      > Osiris
      > Chief Elder
      > Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
      > Black Nationalist Chairman
      > Sankofa Repatriation Movement
      > The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement
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