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  • ProLibertad Campaign
    The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign has updated our website for the month of March and we wanted to call attention to the following updates!! Check out the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
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      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign has updated our website for the month of
      March and we wanted to call attention to the following updates!!

      Check out the ProLibertad website http://ProLibertadWeb.tripod.com for

      1. Juan Segarra Palmer's birthday is this week!! His first birthday in
      freedom, with his family and friends!! PLease send him a donation to help
      him get on his feet!!

      2. It is also Oscar Lopez Rivera's Birthday on Friday March 26th, send hima
      c ard and donation!!

      3. Learn abou the Ponce Massacre and read about our Women's Histiry Month
      Page dedicated to Puerto Rican Political prisoner Haydee Beltran!!

      Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques

      29 February, 2004

      Today a second radio marathon to support the accused for the First of May
      incidents in Vieques was held. We urge you to participate - it's never to
      late - in this effort to collect funds to cover the more than 40 thousand
      dollars in fines that are part of the unjust sentences against the twelve
      arrested for the First of May.

      Name and prisoner number):
      MDC Guaynabo
      P.O. Box 2147
      SJ, PR 00922-2147

      Jos� P�rez Gonz�lez (#21519-069) 5 years
      Jos� V�lez Acosta (#23883-069) 33 months
      N�stor de Jes�s Guishard (#21716-069) 14 months
      Heriberto Hern�ndez Carmona (#22304-069) 4 months
      Jos� Monta�ez Sanes (#26317-069 18 months

      Jorge Cruz # 26318-069 18 meses
      FCI Edgefield
      501 Gary Hill Road
      P.O. Box 723
      Edgefield, South Carolina 29824

      (You can also send financial support to the prisoners and families v�a:)

      Comit� de Apoyo a los Acusados por Vieques el Primero de Mayo
      Apartado 191792 San Juan, Puerto Rico 00919-1792 or deposit
      directly in the account:
      Banco Popular # 116-26767-4.

      Friday March 26th, 2004 at 6:30pm at
      Hunter College West Building Second Floor Room 217 (e68th St. and Lexington
      Take the 6 Train to e68th St. and Lexington Avenue

      The ProLibertad Youth/Student Network, The Puerto Rican Nationalist Youth,
      The Center for Puerto Rican Studies and SLAM are announcing our joint
      educational: �Building the Puerto Rican Movement: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE�.

      The Puerto Rican Independence movement has always been alive in New York
      City!! It has been young people and young adults that have carried on the
      struggle for freedom and revolution!! Come and join us for a night of
      Revolutionary Entertainment and Education. Learn about the organizations
      that were educating, organizing and mobilizing Boricuas in the Seventies!!

      Come and learn about your REVOLUTIONARY ROOTS!! COME AND LEARN ABOUT THE

      Join us for a Special Presentation by Powerful and inspirational Nuyorican
      Poet Rafael Landron!! "Rafi's Newyorican Anti-war Expressions" is an
      attempt to inspire others to nurture the growing anti-imperialist movement
      using creativity and greatness. The pieces are meant to spur action! For me,
      after the performance is as important if not more so than the pieces
      themselves because I will encourage folks to get together and organize their
      own expressions of resistance for the future.

      For more information call 718-601-4751 or email ProLibertad@...


      Frank Velgara, El Comite-MINP
      EL Comite-MINP was a Political organization that emerged from the democratic
      rights struggles around housing, and education and Health in NYC. El
      Comite-MINP supported the National Liberation struggle of Puerto Rico
      through Working Class Struggle.

      Carlos Rovira, The Young Lords Party
      The Young Lords were a powerful Puerto Rican Revolutionary organization that
      fought for the human and civil rights for all Working Class People of Color.
      They were dedicated to the freedom of Puerto Rico and the fight for

      Alice Hernandez, The PR Nationalist Party
      The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, was the Party of Don Pedro Albizu
      Campos. The Party has continued the struggle for Puerto Rican independence
      for decades both in PR and New York City.

      Blanca Vasquez, Latin Women�s Collective
      The Latin Women's Collective was based in New York City, their political
      efforts on behalf of women's issues created an amazing legacy of Latina
      feminism and empowerment.

      Eli Roman, The Puerto Rican Student Union
      The PRSU was an organization of Puerto Rican Youth based in colleges in New
      York that organized for freedom, civil rights and unity among poor working
      class youth and people of color.

      Jose Velasquez, The Puerto Rican Socialist Party
      The PSP was one of the largest Socialist organizations in the Puerto Rican
      community; they demanded the Independence of Puerto Rico, the democratic
      human rights of people, and for socialism in Puerto Rico.

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