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Only "Whites" can be "Indian"?

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  • Djehuti Sundaka
    In the below article is the mention of a Frank Farmer , a supposedly perfectly proud black man . However, this is an individual who in his own words,
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      In the below article is the mention of a "Frank Farmer", a supposedly
      "perfectly proud black man". However, this is an individual who in his
      own words, depending upon the occasion, is anything from being "half
      black (mixed French/Anglo Saxon)" to only having "traces" of "Black"
      (as stated on the BlackIndians list). Until a couple of weeks ago, he
      had been on the BlackIndians yahoogroups list before being kicked off
      for sending offensive mail to members offlist and expressing the very
      same racist disposition onlist as in the article below. He had been
      kicked off under the name of "Frank Kanohesgi", a name he used upon
      returning to the list after a two month absence. This absence had been
      preceded by his attempts to get members banned or silenced for
      expressing social views differing from his own. Upon failure to have
      things his way, he started his own unpopular list (NAARA), insulted the
      BlackIndians list owner (pertaining to his entrepreneurial endeavors),
      and declared his conviction to leave. Why he had returned (assuming he
      had ever really left) after being so "deeply offended" is anyone's
      guess. Why (after being kicked off the list) he is only now going out
      of his way to provide information to Yeagley about Jerry Eaglefeather is
      also anyone's guess.

      Djehuti Sundaka

      Black Men Indians
      The Lastet Act

      by David Yeagley

      It’s the ultimate act, a Negro playing Indian. It is the grandest
      aggression yet of this irrespressible African race. Jerry E.
      "Eaglefeather" Monroe not only calls himself Chief, but has invented his
      own tribe as well. He’s peddling Indian arts and crafts, and a new
      video Black Indians narrated by James Earl Jones, (who once played the
      part of Alex Haley, author of famously fake American Negro history,

      Monroe is enormously popular, with nearly a dozen web sites. Why so
      popular? A whole lot of black people want to be something other than
      black. They just don’t like being American Negro. They can’t
      successfully assimilate with the white culture, at least visually, but
      they think they can be Indian. They can escape the curse of being black
      by pretending they’re Indian. Why, they have Indian blood in them, they
      say. Therefore, they are Indian. They’re not black at all.

      Monroe even has aspirations of becoming a black Indian actor. Think of
      it—a Negro playing an Indian on the great silver screen. Just what
      everyone’s waiting for.

      I first found out about Monroe through a perfectly proud black man named
      Frank Farmer, who is deeply offended at Monroe’s fakery. “I do not
      believe that he is Native,” says Farmer, “nor do I believe that this is
      anything more than a marketing device aimed at black people who want to
      be Natives.”

      It’s happened before, the marketing thing. The Indian grape vine says
      Monroe is planning a casino for his “tribe,” as soon as they can get
      federal recognition. Remember Aurelius H. Piper, who calls himself Chief
      Quiet Hawk? He’s been trying to get a casino in Connecticut for a
      number of years now. He's almost there.

      Ah, but black Piper didn’t invent his own tribe. He’s chief of a modern
      band (Golden Hill Tribe) of Paugussett Indians, a once-existing tribe of
      the state.

      Many if not most of the “Indians” of the famed Foxwoods Casino “tribe”
      are in fact black also. They all claim to be Mashantucket Pequot
      Indians. Of course, these black people are rarely featured as
      important figures in the “tribe,” lest the whole enterprise be
      scandalized. Yet, there’s something about darker skin, from any race,
      that tends to make people that have it think they’re more legitimately
      “Indian,” no matter what race they actually are.

      When I lived in Connecticut, (attending the University of Hartford) I
      saw lots of Indonesian male students that grew their hair long, down
      their backs. For them, it was all about trying to feel more
      “American.” For blacks, however, it’s more about feeling something,
      anything other than black. In either case, being “Indian” is the

      The first black Indian I ever knew is Hugh Wyatt, of New York City. Hugh
      operates the largest medical newspaper in the city, The Medical
      Herald. I met Hugh back in the early ‘80’s. He is a truly creative
      person, and fascinating to be with. He looks like Bill Cosby with
      strait hair. Hugh is from a Cherokee family. I’ve seen his pictures.
      He’s the only “black” one in the bunch.

      Back then, I suggested to him the idea of a “black Indian”
      organization. “No,” he said, “that defeats the whole purpose.” I took
      that to mean that if a man is not accepted as Indian, he’s not
      Indian. If black Indians have to start their own tribe, then they’re
      not Indian. That tribe is not Indian.

      So why are black people less accepted as Indians than white people?
      Easy answer. Black people have their own history in America. It is
      wholly distinct from Indian history. Indians are very independent in
      spirit. Most blacks are the opposite, and compensate by continual,
      slavish yearnings to identify with any race but their own.

      Indians don’t want to identify with any race but our own.

      As Morris K. Udall observed, “The Negro and his defenders today look to
      the time that the Negro will be assimilated in white society and all
      barriers and distinctions will seem to disappear. Not so with the
      Indian.” “He doesn’t wish to be other than an Indian.”
      (Speech, American University, October 4, 1965).

      But today, it seems everyone wants to be Indian. It’s the most American
      thing you can be. It will authenticate whatever you’re trying to sell.
      Just change your name, that’s all it takes.

      Dick Gregory (Nigger, 1964) suggested that removing the word “nigger”
      from the language would mean there wouldn’t be any more niggers. So,
      call yourself an Indian instead.
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