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FYI * Jamaica Reparations Conference 2/22/03

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      Subject: PRESS ADVISORY: Jamaica Reparations Movement Conference


      WHAT: Jamaica Reparations Movement Conference.

      WHERE: Neville Hall Lecture Theatre, UWI, Mona

      WHEN: Saturday, February 22, commencing at 9:30 a.m.

      The Jamaica Reparations Movement (JARM) will host a
      National Conference on Reparations on Saturday,
      February 22, 2003 at the Neville Hall Lecture Theatre,
      UWI, Mona commencing at 9:30 a.m.

      The Conference is being conducted to fulfill a
      directive of the United Nations World Conference
      Against Racism (WCAR) that nations of the African
      Diaspora consider and submit proposals for repairing
      the injustices of African enslavement and enforced
      labour, and the consequences which are suffered today
      by African descendants.

      The JaRM invites representatives of national, social,
      regional, cultural and other groups, as well as
      individuals, to attend and submit ideas, proposals and
      information to be compiled into a First Draft Jamaican
      Reparations document. Suggestions are invited to
      create a document containing historical research and
      data compilation, total of debt for relief, cost of
      national infrastructure development, cost of unpaid
      slave labour with interest, poverty alleviation plans,
      requirements for agricultural
      development, health improvement, as well as
      repatriation, among other topic areas.

      The conference will be co-chaired by UWI History
      Professor Dr. Verene Shepherd and JaRM Co-ordinator
      Barbara Blake Hannah. Registration commences at 8:30
      a.m. All JaRM members are urged to attend and to
      circulate this information widely.

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