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Remember Angel Rodriguez Cristobal

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  • ProLibertad Campaign
    The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign urges people to foward this message from the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques far and wide. On Monday
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2002
      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign urges people to foward this message from
      the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques far and wide.

      On Monday November 11th, ProLibertad asks that folks remember the murder of
      Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Angel Rodriguez Cristobal on November 11th,
      1979 in Florida. It is important that on day like this we remember the
      ideals that Angel represented as an independentista, socialist, and

      If he was alive today, Angel would be at the forefront of the struggle for
      Vieques, he would urge people to continue to build the movement to FREE OUR
      REMAINING PUERTO RICAN POLITICAL PRISONERS, and would support the anti-war

      Please check the ProLibertad website for the latest updates on the Puerto
      Rican Political Prisoners and Vieques:

      Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques

      10 November, 2003

      Just in from the Peace and Justice Camp

      1. Throughout the day today, three war ships were seen in Vieques coastal
      waters. From the Peace and Justice Camp, members of the Committee for the
      Rescue and Development of Vieques (CRDV) could see the US Navy ships in
      waters south of the island. Information available from our advisors on
      military maneuvers, indicate that the "jtfex" exercises (Joint Forces
      Exercises) of the battle group of the USS Harry S. Trumanthe aircraft
      carrier, took place in North Carolina from 28 October to November 6th. The
      same calendar includes as the next maneuvers in our area, the COMPUTEX
      exercises of the USS Theodroe Roosevelt and its battle group, from January
      22 until February 20th. Spokespersons for the CRDV denounced the presence
      of the ships in Vieques waters as a violation of the peace of the people of
      Vieques and the region. They signalled that the appearance of the war ships
      without previous notification to fishermen or local government officials is
      indicative of the arrogance and secretivity with which the Navy has acted
      here for decades. Nilda Medina, spokeswoman for the Committee and
      coordinator of the Peace and Justice Camp, expressed concern that the
      military could maintain this posture beyond May of 2003, and she urged all
      those in solidarity with the struggle for peace on Vieques to denounce the
      continued use of Vieques and its waters by the Navy to prepare for war
      against Irak or any other military aggression.

      2. On Monday, November 11th, we conmemorate the anniversary of the death of
      Angel Rodr�guez Crist�bal, arrested on May 19th, 1979, as part of "the 21",
      a group of civil disobedients participating in an ecumenical activity in
      restricted lands inside Camp Garc�a here. Angel was sentenced to six months
      in federal prison in Tallahassee, Florida. On 11 November, 1979, he was
      murdered in his jail cell by federal officers. On this date each year we
      remember Angel and reafirm our committment to the struggle in Vieques. The
      activities will take place at 11AM in front of the bust of Angel at the
      beach in Esperanza.

      3. Work continues on the reconstruction at the Peace and Justice Camp. We
      make great efforts to move the office of the CRDV from the house it has
      occupied for the past three years, to a building next door, also within the
      PJC. by the end of this month. The work implies a significant investment
      of human and economic resources. The work on preparing the small structure
      that will house the office beginning 1 December, includes plastering inside
      and out, installation of water, electricity and phone lines, secure windows
      and doors, among other chores. We ask for your economic help to assure the
      continuation of the CRDV�s work at this important space in the struggle for
      peace on Vieques.

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