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KOLA BOOF: What a Woman?!!

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  • Djehuti Sundaka
    http://www.topica.com/lists/TheBlackList/read/message.html?mid=905675920&sort=d&start=10942 The following statement by womanist writer Kola Boof is in response
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2002

      The following statement by womanist writer Kola Boof is in
      response to continuing death threats by Muslim fundamentalists
      from Ms. Boof's homeland, the SUDAN. I am Yi Nee Ling,
      Publicist for Kola Boof. I posted these very dramatic words
      by Kola Boof on August 19th after transcribing them from tape
      recordings that Boof made.

      This statement was made BEFORE Kola Boof was attacked
      by Arab-Muslim gunmen outside Los Angeles on August 21st.
      Ms. Boof survived the attack and is doing well.

      KOLA BOOF stated:

      There is a very real chance that I will not live to see the end of
      this year....contrary to what some people think, I am truly
      frightened for my life... what I feel right now is a suffocating
      loneliness that is very hard to take. I only hope that my killers
      won't make it painful. I will address that in full later. I will also
      clarify what I said about Israel and Palestine.

      But first...let me say that I do believe in God, I love God...and
      I have every confidence in my role as a spiritual being.
      If I didn't, I would not devote my life to the work that I do, and
      I would not put my life in jeopardy...as I had to do for my people,
      the Black Africans of Sudan. This, however, does not mean that
      I digress from the statements that I made last week. Religion,
      as I said, is NOT GOD. Religion is NOT CHRIST. Religion is
      NOT ALLAH. For just as Harvard University is an institution created
      by men...so is every religion. So it is my hope that the women of
      the world will soon consider the important task of creating our own
      institution of religion, because the ones created by men have brought
      nothing but injustice, undue suffering, corruption and general
      masculine stupidity to this entire planet. At some point, as
      wombbearers and daughters of the earth's first Garden, we Black
      women must save our children's lives and atleast attempt to save
      the world. As a Sudanese woman representing the Nilotic Black
      women of my birthplace, the Nile River, I refuse to accept the
      Islamic notion that being a woman means that I am "dirty, unclean
      and tempestuous" and should, therefore, be covered up from head
      to toe as if God cann't stand the sight of me. No woman loves her
      man more than I love mines, but I demand control of my own life.
      I want to create my own definition of beauty that is pleasing...
      TO ME. I shall continue to bare my breasts whenever I like,
      and once a month, I shall bleed in the river and thank God
      for my power to bring forth life, which is the ultimate magic of
      a human being. And I shall create God and God shall create
      me. I encourage other women, particularly Black women,
      to reclaim their sexual power in the universe and to embrace
      authentic spiritual knowledge by creating the woman before
      dreaming the man. Let us African women pray for our sister in
      Nigeria who is about to be stoned to death by Islamic hypocrites,
      because she dared to enforce her own personal freedom.
      Let us not forget that the men of Nigeria, both Christian and
      Muslim, are some of the biggest whores on earth--and if they
      were held accountable for their acts of adultery, then Nigeria
      would become a nation made up of women and very small boys.
      So let us pray that God will bring justice to our sister in
      Nigeria--and that she will be allowed to raise and care for her
      newborn baby.

      And then let us pray for Kola Boof, please. I need all the prayer
      I can get.

      For if these Arab sandniggers intend to kill me, as they say...
      then there is nothing I can do about it. I assure you that if Arab
      men from North Africa want you dead, YOU WILL DIE. So there
      is nothing that can be done. Women perish everyday back home.
      An African woman, a black girl like me...she is considered
      nothing at all. On a daily basis, little Black GIRLS and Black
      boys are stolen by Arab militias--beaten, raped, disfigured, killed,
      enslaved. You see, the Arabs have a name for Black people, they
      call us, "Eve's Monkey" and "Abeed" (slave race). So my life has
      no value to the men who want me dead.

      But I am very proud of myself. I would not change a thing that I've
      done, because I feel that I have honored myself by having my say,
      I feel that I have triumphed by insisting on my own freedom. I have
      done what my Egyptian father asked me to do before he died...
      I have become my own Queen. My father, my Mahdi Pappuh, never
      felt sorry for weak people. He had six sons who died at birth. I am
      the seventh child, the only one that lived. He never forgave me for
      being a girl...but I have sojourned very hard so that he can be proud
      now. Because I am my own Queen, you see. I achieved it, Pappuh.
      I am the Naima Sijira of Omdurman. I pray that the Americans don't...
      for one minute...put their trust in the Arab people of North Africa
      the Middle East. It would be a grave and stupid mistake--but,
      Americans are famous for being grave and STUPID. The American
      government is so busy being politically correct. These Arabs go on
      Oprah Winfrey to cry and whine about how misunderstood they are.
      What good people they are. But knowing the Arab
      world and Muslim men as I do--I can only pray for America's safety...
      and cry for the millions of dead Black bodies that continue to pile up

      un-noticed in Africa. Ofcourse, the Arabs have always been a great
      historical enemy of Africa--it never made any difference to them that
      we Africans are their parents. They killed their own mother, Egypt--
      because she was Black. They killed their own mother! And once
      Egypt became known as "the land that lost its color", it withered to
      nothing but ruins. Because, you see, when the children don't honor
      the mother, the mother dies--and then the children turn into
      No identity, no direction, no real home. That's the story of Africa
      the whole human race in a cowrie shell. This whole world is damned,
      because we have all dehumanized, mutilated and lied on Mother

      I am proud that I spoke out against slavery in Sudan--which I know
      not end with a mere peace agreement. In fact, the peace agreements
      really mean nothing at all, because very little will change for the
      African Southerners. We need the Arab and the Caucasoid, the Whites,
      to get out of Africa. If they really want to help, then they should
      get the
      hell out. But the fact is--they want to exploit and suck Africa dry,
      help the people. THey want to trick us into accepting the White Man's
      mother as our own mother--yes, the White woman, the one caucasoid
      that we African women have always been kind enough to take pity on,
      because she's so infantile and two-faced, so arrogantly delusional.
      To our Black faces, they call us "Sister". But that's what they've
      for hundreds, for thousands of years. Arabs and Caucasoids have never

      meant any good toward African people. They hate us and teach us to
      hate ourselves. And I don't mind dying for being the daughter who said

      it in public. A real woman never dies.

      Let me say that I am very disappointed in Black leaders such as the
      Jesse Jackson and Minister Louis Farrakhan, both of whom know full
      that Black African slavery has been flourishing now for over two
      at the hands of Arab Muslims--and yet neither one has done a thing to
      stop it. It seems to me that their disdain for ISRAEL surpasses their
      for African children. In fact, Minister Farrakhan is a great friend
      and ally
      to Sudan's Arab-Islamic President and to most of the Arab regimes of
      North Africa. This is how he makes his money for the Nation of
      by selling out the children of Africa. The darkskinned Black ones,
      of course. Both of these men, themselves children of Africa, should be

      ashamed to be such hypocrites. Like so many Black Slaves in Africa--
      I am rooting for Israel to weaken Arab domination in the middle east.
      Let us not forget that the rich Palestinian often purchases Sudanese
      slaves right along with Saudi Arabia, Libya and the rest. He, the
      Palestinian, also calls us "nigger", "Abeed" and "Monkey".

      In closing, let me address the many emails and letters that I have
      received from Black American women...upset with me because my
      nudity embarrasses them, upset with me because of comments that
      I made about Christian religion, and upset with me because of
      comments I made about Micheal Jackson.

      Let me say that I truly love my Black American sisters...and let me
      them that we are much of the same muchness...we are the same woman, by

      experience, blood and color. With all my heart, I love and take great
      in my Black American sisters. Please don't forget, I myself was
      adopted and
      raised by a wonderful African-American couple. In many ways, I am a
      American woman, too. So please don't be offended when I say to
      sisters, I cannot come here and be Aunt Jemima with an accent for you.

      refuse. I have no concern ...whatsoever...with what White Caucasoids
      about my all natural, God-given bare black titties. I have no use for
      like Micheal Jackson, who as far as I am concerned, has never done a
      thing with his life to honor his own people. He's a white man with
      children! This is the example he sets for Black children, you
      understand--that it's better to be white. Looking at Micheal
      like witnessing the CASTRATION of the African man all over again! And
      about this Christian religion? I cannot whorship a white Jesus
      I know damned well that his mother was a Black Jew! and his father was

      Blue Black Siti-Nok! I cannot abide with your Eurocentric standards of

      respectability. And let me tell you something, Black America diva
      girl, my
      own beloved.

      You call this White woman "Sister", you call the Indian, the Asian,
      Latina--all these women, you call them "Sister"--but you try to call
      "Couisin"...when the truth is, it is my Black ass that is the only
      SISTER you have. Your leader, Martin Luther King, he had a dream for
      But I have a dream, too. My dream is that you wake the fuck up. I mean

      with all due respect and love. But I mean the shit. Take these blond
      out of your head and wake the fuck up! Otherwise, your children are
      to...PERISH. And believe me when I tell you that the only thing that
      Americans have ever had going for them...is that they were Black.
      that, you're just faded trash on the American highway with the Indians

      everybody else who was defeated by White men. And if you allow
      yourselves to
      be bred off this planet, after everything that your poor ancestors
      through, then you really are niggerstock. There is nothing wrong with
      other races of people--but only a bonafide nigger kills off his own
      If you want proof, then just look to North Africa.

      As a child of Africa, I understand the ritual of "appearances"...I
      understand that America is a place where immigrants come from all over

      world to sell their souls. I understand that my character is very
      frightening to many upper class Black Americans. But I want..MYSELF
      and my
      children, our Blackness, our souls intact...and I will not support a
      man who does not honor me, respect me and hold me up as the mother of
      race. Which is what I am. For he and I are...much of the same
      muchness, and
      I ask you...what is he without MY love and respect?

      Not a Goddamned thing.

      It is time for us, my Black American sisters, to give birth to a new
      There is no honor, no respect for the Frog who fails to worship his

      I implore you, my Sisters and Brothers in America--don't look
      past...it's gaining on you. Look in the mirror and "Get a clue". A
      King without Black sons is a dead man.

      If I am to die--then these are the things that I wanted to say. I
      shall be
      buried in South Africa until a Black African man becomes the ruler of
      I request a night-ocean funeral with sickle fire, I would like my
      American Adoptive mother to kiss me (3 times) into the next world, I
      like my Black American Adoptive father to seal my eyelids with honey,
      would like Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Frances Bok and Nawal El Saadawi of
      Egypt to
      speak on my behalf, and if possible, I would like Jill Scott to sing
      Nilotic Hebrew Women's lullaby "Khu Sahu Sekhem". On my tomb, let it
      written--"A real woman never dies". I want fresh Wysteria and baby's
      A pot of liquid silver. Men wear white robes, women wear red robes.
      already prepared and frozen Sudanese Spicy Cherry Soup (an African
      Gumbo)--Carol Chehade will make Caramela Kola. Alicia Banks will read
      Walker's poem, "Be Nobody's Darling" and Prof. Derrick Bell will read
      poem, "Sleeping Beauty". Dr. John Garang will read a speech in my
      Then my three Kings will read my "letters of Sin" and then burn them,
      that I have written my sins down and had my husband ask God's mercy on

      behalf. My own recorded voice will recite The Lord's Prayer and sing
      Islamic lullaby "Sijil". I've also been preparing Egyptian honey-wine
      the closing toast and my funeral is to end with a loud burst of
      life-affirming laughter. Everyone is to send me off properly by
      naked into the sea and screaming my birth name (Naima) to the Sky! My
      American parents (and only them) will then escort my body to the tomb,

      to be
      sealed. God bless you all, and as always, "tima usrah", my beloveds.
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