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Mumia and Vieques!!

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  • ProLibertad Campaign
    The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is happy to report that the Freedom Challenge Activity to raise money for Mumia s Legal defense was a wonderful success!! We
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      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is happy to report that the Freedom
      Challenge Activity to raise money for Mumia's Legal defense was a wonderful

      We raised nearly $5000 for Mumia's defense fund on that cold rainy Saturday
      afternoon. Despite the weather, nealy 150-200 people were present and made
      freedom happen!! We raised money, ate amazing Boricua Criolla, listened to
      impassioned speakers, and got down with amazing poetry and music!!

      The ProLibertad Freedom Challenge is not over; we still need to raise $5000
      for Mumia's legal defense. Now is the time to join the Challenge, we had
      many people sign up to help us raise money, BUT WE NEED MORE!!

      If you are interested in joining the Challenge and raising money for Mumia
      by any means necessary email ProLibertad@...

      FREE MUMIA!!

      Vieques Support Campaign
      E-mail viequessc@...




      All out 4:30 p.m., on Tuesday, September 3rd in solidarity with the people
      of Vieques, Puerto Rico. The U.S. Navy will resume its bombing destruction
      of the island of Vieques on that day.

      The U.S. Government plans to carry out its war against the world's oppressed
      peoples by using the pretense of war against terrorism, this time against
      the Iraqi people. Government officials are claiming that the Navy must
      remain in Vieques in order to rehearse for the invasion of Iraq. We can only
      conclude that the tragic events of September 11, 2001 are being used to
      promote U.S. domination of the world.

      President George W. Bush had hypocritically promised to withdraw the U.S
      Navy from Vieques in 2003. Why is it hypocritical? Because he himself is
      promoting the bombing of Iraq.

      No one knows better than Puertoricans what the aims of the U.S warmongers
      are. Puerto Rico is a completely controlled country under U.S. colonial
      rule. Just as the people of Vieques who have suffered health epidemics as a
      result of the U.S. Navy occupation on that island, all the people of Puerto
      Rico have been denied the right to decide matters concerning their economic,
      social and political life.

      Puerto Ricans and all peace-loving people can make a difference - united we
      can stop the criminal actions of military and government officials. Vieques,
      Puerto Rico must not be used to bring about further death to the people of

      Place: Times Square (43rd and Broadway) New York City
      Date: Tuesday, September 3rd
      Time: 4:30 PM

      Bring your flags, signs, musical instruments and above all your will and
      spirit to fight injustice.

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