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FWD: help stop the privatizing of Ghana's water

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  • Djehuti Sundaka
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2002
      > PLEASE FORWARD TO FRIENDS & COPY US at: capofwater@ netscape.net
      > " Sometimes I will go without food so my grandchildren have water,"
      > says Amadu. "Water comes before food."
      > Dear Friends,
      > At the instigation of the IMF [International Monetary
      > Fund] and World Bank, the Government of Ghana has embarked on
      > a hasty privatisation programme of the country's public urban
      > water system without proper public consultation. Already, the
      > prospect of privatisation has resulted in a 95 percent hike in
      > water fees and it is feared that the takeover by the exclusively
      > foreign multinational bidders will severely reduce access for
      > the poor and marginalized communities.
      > Privatisation will hit poor families hard, says Christian
      > Aid's report (see below), a view supported by a diverse array
      > of international non-governmental organizations, including Public
      > Citizen (US), the International Water Working Group, Africa Action
      > (USA), and Water Aid (UK).
      > The IMF, World Bank and DFID disagree. They insist
      > that every citizen should pay the full 'market price' for water
      > but 70% of Ghanaians earns less than a dollar a day and cannot
      > afford it. Moreover, over 30% do not even have access to safe
      > drinking water. With privatisation, it is feared that this percentage
      > will increase. More poor families will be forced to travel farther
      > and work harder to collect water possibly from polluted streams
      > and rivers. And they will be forced to make daily trade-offs
      > between water, food, schooling and health care. Worse still their
      > children will fall sick and die from the many illnesses caused
      > by drinking unsafe water.
      > Poor people are resisting. The National Coalition Against
      > the Privatisation of Water, popularly called CAP of WATER has
      > been formed by a broad range of civil society groups and organizations
      > to stop the arm twisting by the IMF, the World Bank and DFID
      > and the multinational water companies. The CAP of WATER campaign
      > is demanding;.
      > a) proper consultation with civil society, and b) a
      > serious examination of the reform options. CAP of WATER has called
      > for an international fact finding mission, which is due to visit
      > Ghana next month.
      > Please join the campaign by;
      > 1. Sending this message to friends. Please copy us at:
      > <capofwater@ netscape.net>
      > Every message is great news to the campaign.
      > 3. observing the UN day for Water (Friday 22 March)
      > with a local CAP of Water event of your own.
      > 4. URGENTLY sending a fax or e-mail to the following
      > people, urging them to stop the hasty privatisation of Ghana's
      > water in order to prevent more people falling into deeper poverty
      > and disease. Please copy your message to us at: <capofwater@ netscape.net>
      > His Excellency Mr. J.A. Kufuor, President of Ghana
      > Tel: 233-21-676923/4 ext. 110
      > Fax: 233-21-676934 or 233-21-666528
      > Peter Harold, World Bank Representative,
      > Ghana P. O. Box M27 - Ministries
      > Accra, Ghana
      > Tel: 233-724/22037
      > Fax: 233-72-227887
      > Email: pharrold@ worldbank.org
      > 'The right to water is a fundamental, God-given right
      > to all people that dwell on this earth.' - Christian Council
      > of Ghana.
      > SUPPORT the CAP of WATER campaign
      > Southern Links
      > Email : kowusu@ southernlinks.org >>
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