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International Black United Front

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  • Djehuti Sundaka
    Here s a proposal to all of the Pan-African big guns out there (some of whom I know are on some of the lists I m sending this to). An International Black
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2002
      Here's a proposal to all of the "Pan-African" big guns out there (some
      of whom I know are on some of the lists I'm sending this to).

      An "International Black United Front" (IBUF) organization much like the
      National Black United Front of the states only the IBUF organization
      would be an international organization composed of NBUFs formed around
      the globe. If this organization already exists and I simply haven't
      heard of it, someone please inform me of it. Post the link to the
      website for all of us. If it doesn't exist, I propose that those with
      the heart, knowledge, and experience, consider bringing it into being.
      Whether we're supporting reparations or laying down plans to lift
      ourselves up, an IBUF is needed for organizing our present and future
      international efforts.

      Djehuti Sundaka
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